Geography is the different feature of the land terrain all of the mountains and the rivers that is has within its the borders of Malaysia.Malaysia has a mountains regions and an ever-decreasing forest but like most countries, Malaysia is not that big and still it has all different characteristics that a bigger country would have.Malaysia's total area is 329,750 sq km, which is composed of 1,200 sq km of water and 328,550 sq km of land.Malaysia is compared to as being slightly larger than New Mexico.Malaysia's terrain is describable to be like coastal plains riding to hills and mountains and it has a coast line is 2,068 km for peninsular Malaysia and for east Malaysia that is 2,507 km and all together is 4,675 km.Malaysia is divided in two major landmasses and the one which is a peninsula is called Sabah and the other which is part of Borneo a combination of Malaysia and Indonesia is called Sarawak.The highest point in Malaysia is Mount Tahan at an elevation of 2,187 m.Malaysia also includes small islands including Langkaw and Pinang of the north east coast and Tioman, which is a popular tourism destination.East Malaysia has the country's largest river the Rajang in Sarawak and Kinabatangan in Sabah they are each 560km long and very navigable.Most of the rivers in Malaysia are steep, descents, and mostly in Sarawak.Malaysia's largest lake is Lake Bera and it is in West Malaysia.Malaysia's climate is hot and humid all year round with average daily temperatures of 70 degrees to 90 degrees and has an annual rainfall of about 100 inches.The exposed northern slopes of Malaysia can receive up to 200 inches of rain.Its land has land divided into There are also monsoons that effect the southwest from April to October and the northeast from October to February, which leaves only march the month with no monsoons.In Malaysia have several natural disasters that occur which are flooding, landslide…

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