Malcolm N. Shaw defines law as “that element which binds the members of the community together in their adherence to recognized values and standards.”  Thus, law regulates the conduct and behavior of individual members in a community and to an extent reflects the views and ideas of the people in the society within which it functions. Switching the focus of law regarding the regulation of individual citizens of a community, to that of nation – states, embodies the meaning of International law. As such J.L Brierly defines International law as ” the body of rules and principles of action, which are binding upon civilized states in their relations with one another.”  Thus, International law aims to govern the relationship between sovereign states “especially within the context of the laws of war, peace and security, and the protection of territories.”  The perspective of peace within this context “denotes the prevalence of amicable relations and mutual good will between the particular society and all foreign powers”   and also includes ” the quiet, security, good order, and decorum which is guaranteed by the constitution of civil society and by the laws.”  Thus the mark of peace in a sovereign state could be weighed in relation to its internal and external state of affairs. The maintenance of world peace therefore signifies an uninterrupted existence of internal peace enjoyed within a state and “the absence of war among member states of international society as the normal condition of their relationship, to be breached only in special circumstances and according to principles that are generally accepted.”  The context of world order represents the “patterns or dispositions of human activity that sustain the elementary or primary goals of social life among mankind as a whole.”  Order in this framework is not limited to order among states, since “states are simply groupings of men, and men may be grouped in such a way that they do not form states at all.”  Thus the maintenance of world order reflects the preservation of “order in the great society of all mankind.”  The relevance of international law therefore denotes, the “efficacy of international law and institutions”  in the international society. It is to be noted that by convention, the measure of a world at 

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