In Russia's Paper, "Russia Makes it Funny," a man drunk off of vodka forgets that he placed his daughter in a sports bag.Someone else sees the bag, steals it, and finds the girl inside.He gives the bag to the police and the bag is returned to the mother.This paper will discuss how their view differs from an American view.
I suppose since vodka is such a popular drink in Russia, the general community finds it humorous that this man was so drunk that he completely forgot about his daughter.It may have been a funny occurrence because maybe a lot of these other people have had similar experiences while being drunk and they can relate to this man's situation.Here in America though, our view of this would be slightly altered.
In America, people leave their children unattended at home and we find it to be disturbing.If a man in America left his child in a duffel bag and someone stole it, then returned it to the police, I think the man would be arrested and child services would intervene.The American public would find this behavior unacceptable and we would wonder how this event could take place.We might also think that the child should be in custody of a different guardian.
In conclusion, it is hard to believe that this article was made to be taken lightly and it is hard to believe that people aren't thinking of what could have happened to the child if she wasn't brought to the police.

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