Management Changes

As a business grows, its plans, organization, and internal practices grow with it. Some workers have a tough time coping with these changes. A lot of firms as well as TBS experience reduced productivity and morale during some periods. As our main task now is to transform the company and it HR department it needed to be done carefully and smart. TBS owners should focus on communicating the benefits of the change for everyone. Regular team’s meetings are a good place to start. When your group understands the why, how, and when of the change, they’ll be more likely to get on board.

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Whether to accompaniment the current staff or to replace workforce lost through natural abrasion, the second main challenge facing the Human Resources’ department is recruitment of talent. Find employees with right mixture of skills, character and motivation is problematic, even when the amount of available candidates is relatively big. Whether recruitment is held only by the internal HR department, or with help of a third party, it is crucial that the procedure is managed centrally and effectively. In Thames Building Society it is suspected that inadequate people in branches are recruited, if it’s true it is the first and main reason of their further problems.


Skillful employees are vital to smooth running of organization. Thus, HRM should provide inside and outside the workplace job trainings for personnel. As we understood from the case study people were underappreciated, underpaid and badly trained. It is the third serious reason of why company’s outcome went down. When employees don’t feel themselves important and don’t have space to grow their efficiency perceive serious damage. Discovery of all the factors affecting the training like time, place, price, etc. and making a clear roadmap in launching an impactful event can be a great problem and solving it out, a huge challenge.



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