Manganese is the 25 element in the periodic table with the symbol of Mn. It had been discovered by Johan Gottlieb Gahn and his student Johann Heinrich Pott in 1774. It was originally discovered in pyrolusite but was eventually isolated  by Johan  Gottlieb Gahn. As the 5th most abundant metal found on earth it is used in a variety of uses but mostly used in alloys of other metals. Some of the most common alloy(primarily steel or iron) uses including rifle barrels, railway tracks, safes, prison bars, and in soda cans are made with 1.5% manganese. Manganese was used originally by cavemen in cave paintings while it was an oxide and is still used today as a catalyst in the discoloration in plastic water bottles and other plastics.It is the fifth most abundant metal and is mostly mined in China,Brazil ,Australia, Gabon,and South africa. It is also known to be a hard, brittle ,and shiny metal that reacts like iron in water. Manganese is also easily oxidised but hard to melt at a temperature of 1247 degrees celsius and when pure it will react violently and burn up when exposed to oxygen. While  the metal is known to be somewhat radioactive there are 18 know radioactive isotopes of manganese. The most stable known radioisotope is Mn-57 which has 3.7 Million year half-life and manganese has only one stable isotope Mn-55.Although manganese has some great uses it comes at a cost. Long term exposure can cause many diseases having its own called manganism which is from long term exposure. Manganism by itself can cause short term memory loss, impaired judgement, slurred speech, involuntary muscle movements, tremors, and sometimes even hallucinations. No matter how bad manganism can get it gets worse no matter if you are removed from manganese. In a ten year study in continually got worse no made how quarantined the patient was form the metal. This transition metal can also cause a tumor in some animals and in animals with 36 enzymes who have too little food that contains manganese can cause problems with normal growth, bone formation, and reproduction. Other diseases it can cause are Parkinson’s, bronchitis, and lung embolism. As it causes many horrible things to humans the effects on plants can still be devastating . High concentrations of manganese can cause the swelling to the plants cell walls while also turning the leaves and  and plant brown and sick looking. This happens when manganese is transported up into the leaves when it is uptaken through the soil. This means manganese can cause both toxicity and deficiency in the plants. Even from all the bad side effects manganese is required in a healing process in the body called prolidase. Manganese is found in most nuts,fruits, beans,potatoes,spinach,and other green vegetables. In addition men generally absorb less manganese than women do. Also if you have an iron deficiency it can cause a manganese build up in the brain. That is why manganese is a very important metal in life.

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