Many people are suffering or have suffered throughout life at least once before. Some people will suffer greatly, while others will only suffer a little. Different people will decide to do different things to cope with the situation that they are going through. Some people will decide to do smarter things while, sadly, others will decide to do what they think is right and is the only way to deal with their problems. Though suffering sounds like a negative thing, it can quickly turn into a positive thing to help you live you life, move and stay more motivated while doing things, and overall make you a better person than before.People are made to suffer because of many different reasons. One reason could be their own wrongdoings in the past. This is the way that God will punish people who do wrong. Since nobody is perfect and everybody will do wrong during their lives this proves the fact that everybody suffers. Some personal qualities one will need to overcome their own suffering is the strength and belief that they can push through it. If you try and fight the suffering it will get even worse than before. Instead own up to your punishment and do not try to fight it. Also do not let the suffering get to you. Just pretend its not there and try to do better next time. If you just push through the suffering you will soon realize that it will be over very quickly. When people hear the word “suffer” they automatically think that it is a bad thing. In reality, if you think about it, it can be a positive thing and help you to not suffer as much the next time. A positive thing about suffering could be the warning for you to try and be a better person. The better of a person you are, the less suffering you will receive. As the popular quote says it, “That what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”, it is shown that though suffering has tiring and exhausting effects on a person, in the end it could make a change for the best. When I am struck with the effects of suffering, I try and change my actions and be an overall more happy person. If I was to let the suffering get to me I would be sad and wouldnt have that much motivation, but by me keeping myself happy and positive I block out the negative effects of suffering and only focus on the positive effects until it is all over. At times the suffering will get to me a little, but when I realize this I quickly try and block this out. Once this gets blocked out I change back to the original person that I was.The way to escape the “labyrinth of suffering” is to just deal with all the punishments that they “labyrinth” throws at you. Pretend that it is a game and you need to be the victor. If you do not act more superior than your opponent, than your opponent will take advantage of this and defeat you. By being strong and having a good belief and a good attitude about the situation, you will most likely come out successful. If the suffering gets to you, immediately seek your own happiness and watch as the once terrible “labyrinth of suffering” melts away.Different people deal with suffering different ways than others. Though others deal with it differently, we all experience the same effects of suffering at least once. By just accepting the fact that you are suffering and moving on with you life you will soon forget that you were suffering in the first place.

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