Many don’t know what the percentage
of homeless children is and how we can overcome it in our country and how it
affects the parent and child, the situations and circumstances vary. Programs
and support systems that can be offered tot eh parent and child.  Information will be given on big of a problem homeless
children in the world is, how its not just a city problem. How not all homeless
are taken away just because they don’t have a home, how students that are homeless
stress with their academic performance and it causes behavior problems it’s a devastating
impact and against the law.  Overall decisions
should be based on the child’s best interest.


Homelessness ranges mostly in rustic areas, most of the poor have
lost their homes due to their financial state. Families and children become
homeless and are forced to live in bitter, unsafe places. For an example ” The
rural homeless are especially difficult to count because many live in chicken
coops and barns, sometimes with several families in a single space” says Kathleen
Yasuda of the (US) National Coalition for the homeless in Washington, DC.

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Although not all homeless people are the same, some grew up different given
more opportunities than others, they all have different strive of ambition.

 Most people think homelessness is a big-city problem, but the reality of
it is that it isn’t. This is a problem all over the world not just in the US;
many are living under the poverty level. It’s also hard to define the scope of
homelessness. Overall the biggest factor of homeless children is affordable
housing, parents or caregiver lose themselves and can no longer afford to pay
bills. With that being said, they lose everything and are forced to become
homeless. Not many ask for assistance due to embarrassment and pride, some
become selfish and don’t think about the well being of their child or children.

Others blame it on the lack of shelters or help but the matter of it is , that
some people aren’t as determined to help themselves whether than being stuck in
the terrible situation of being homeless. 
Homelessness is not a choice but its also not just a permanent situation.

Some times neither people make decisions that doesn’t necessarily
mean everybody will agree nor are they always the right ones. ” It made me
angry that the state was willing to pay a stranger $1,200 to care for my
children, when if they could have just helped a little, I could have kept my
own children. I was on my hands and knees to them: what do I do?”  ( Neal Lawrence,  (online )). Although nobody is obligated to
help any one, many feel as if they were wrong for not helping the women by
giving her money to keep her own children, but its just the fact the government
cant give out hand outs because everyone will start to think its acceptable to
start slacking. And it would defeat the whole purpose of foster homes. This
woman needed help, and she didn’t feel as if she got the right help. At least it’s
not what she thought she deserved but people fail to realize that you don’t
always get what toy deserve. The people aren’t obligated to help her either,
although her reasoning for being mad is understandable, they aren’t obligated
to help her get through something she put her self in. This woman was a single
parent and striving to be and do the best for her fatherless child. By far this
situation is hard to agree or disagree with. Not all foster parents are good
people, and not all of them will treat the children the way they’re supposed to
be treated. Children being put into bad foster homes and token away from good
parents can cause the child to have bad behavior!

Majority of homeless children have academic and emotions problems
causing them not to function right. Not being in a stabile environment and
having so much commotion it’s hard to concentrate. Counseling and tutoring vary
in schools and not all   carry these
options for homeless children around the world. They shouldn’t be signalized
out but it should be an option.

Just because they live in a shelter doesn’t mean they’re
considered homeless, due to temporary housing options. Number of students in
shelters has dramatically increased, causing stress to those in school. ” A
report released this summer by the Institute for children, Poverty, and
Homelessness found that homeless students passed the state English tests at
about half the rate as their peers who had permanent homes.” (New York Times
(Online)).  There was a time where one of
every 10 students were homeless, the rate was high. With most of them not doing
so well, this caused problems within the school, teachers and community.

Community tried to acknowledge this problem, not everyone wanted to receive the
help. Due to embarrassment you can’t tell all the time who the homeless
children are.

Although a homeless child in the US is a huge problem, there are
programs that offer homes, families and finical aid. The ” Family partnership’
is a program that gives you a family who builds your confidence, nurtures,
loves and cares for you.

Trying to fix the feeling of being homeless. Its important because
it’s a stabile home, stress free and open home, filled with trained staff to
deal with any and every problem. ” On a practical level, our staff members
serve as valuable intermediaries between the parents we serve and the complex
tangle of meetings and assessments they must deal with.” (Family partnership
(online)).  So that they don’t become
homeless again the program tries work with the parents for long- term help and
support. It makes a big difference when you have a good support system the bond
the staff gain with people makes it more than just a job but becomes an amazing
lifestyle not only for the people in the program, but for those working and
running the program.

Homelessness varies around the world; the
situations and reasoning are different. Many went through trial and
tribulations and ended up with their child with no home. Homelessness causes
students not to do well in school. The percentages range. There are programs
not all work for everybody but you have to be determined not to be stuck
homeless forever. Children and parents handle things different, being a child
it’s harder to adjust and it will show. Homelessness is hard to identify and

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