Mark Zuckerberg created the largest social networking website in the world in 2004 named Facebook. Facebook’s vision statement leads employees to focus on their efforts and requires specification to provide a lead for the firm’s human resources to support global business expansion and diversification. The company’s mission statement defines the strategies and tactics to grow and develop the firm. Also, gives specifics of what the company aims to do as the world’s largest online social media business (Smithson, 2017). In 2016, Facebook launched a new feature called Facebook Live to make an easier way to connect with anyone in the world. It changes how people communicate. Moreover, it will create new opportunities for people to come together (Zuckerberg, 2016). Because of the new feature attracts the audiences, some unfortunate incidents have broadcasted. For example, people are committing suicide, raping, torturing, and even killing.In general, there is no legal requirement for someone to help and rescue other people who are in danger. In certain situations, the law may impose a duty on someone to help rescues another people who are in danger, if there is a special relationship between you and the person in danger (Wechsler, n.d.). As a result, Facebook has no legal duty to rescue a crime victim, but it has an ethical duty to rescue. This is because the crime victim was only in distress and Facebook did not owe them a duty of care. However, it is morally wrong because if Facebook can assist to rescue the victim, but they do nothing about it. Although it does not act reasonably, it is not legally liable. Nevertheless, it is good to note that if they attempt to help a victim of crime, a duty of care arises automatically and they have a duty from then too, rescue them. Currently, Facebook has an algorithm to have a “team on call at all hours, ready to respond to reports of content that may violate community standards.” The algorithm is also getting smarter and is working to “identify posts as very likely to include thoughts of suicide.” After those posts have flagged, a Facebook’s team will review them and, if appropriate, they will reach out to the person with resources (Newcomb, 2017).In response to rescue a crime victim, Facebook and all tech companies such as Twitter and Instagram should have ethics officer or oversight committee because they could help those companies to think through difficult and critical decisions. Also, they could help them to develop ethical guidelines for companies, even a code of ethics and provide company-wide training on ethical decision-making (Heider, 2017). Although Facebook has an algorithm and algorithm is also getting smarter, computers and algorithms cannot make ethical decisions in some situations. As a result, those tech companies including Facebook need humans to be part of decision-making about the content they pass along. Moreover, they should have an ethical responsibility to their users and public for the content that they allow to be posted. 

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