Market street Senior Living Facilities, LLC may be a customary associate degreed licenced power-assisted living facility that may be set within the heart of Viera – Florida in an exceedingly showing neatness restored and secured housing facility; a power-assisted home for the old that’s specifically designed and equipped with the required accommodation facilities/gadgets to relinquish comfort and security to any or all our residence no matter the non secular affiliations, their race, and health condition.Market Street Viera power-assisted Living Facilities, LLC may be a family in hand and managed business that believe the lusty in making certain that the aging population ar has well taken care of and within the pursuit of excellence and money success with uncompromising services and integrity that is why we’ve got determined to venture into the hospitability business by establishing our own power-assisted living facility business. we have a tendency to ar bound that our values can facilitate USA drive the business to desirable heights and additionally facilitate the USA attract the numbers of shoppers that may create our facility totally occupied year in year out.We are aiming to be a health aware and customer-centric power-assisted living facility business with a service culture that may be deeply stock-still within the material of our structure and so in any respect levels of the organization. With that, we all know that we are going to be permits to systematically come through our set business goals, increase our profitableness and reinforce our positive long relationships with our patronage, partners (vendors), and everyone our staff furthermore.Our accommodation facility is going to be embellished in associate degree exquisite and stylish facade, most so it’ll be a conspicuous building within the town wherever it’s set. Market Street Viera power-assisted Living Facilities, LLC can offer a tributary lodging for our customers; we are going to have interaction in services like continued care retirement communities, power-assisted living facilities and houses for the old, independent-living facilities, providing space and board, nursing and different supervising services, help in daily living and housework servicesMarket Street Viera power-assisted Living Facilities, LLC are going to be equipped with everything that may create life comfy for the old. we are going to as build a fitness space and library et al. we are going to additionally install a free Wi-Fi that may change our residence and guests surf the net with their portable computer within the space freed from charge, and there’ll be wireless access all told the general public space among the lodging facility.Market Street Viera power-assisted Living Facilities, LLC may be a closed corporation that’s in hand and managed by Mrs. Christy Skinner – because of the Director. Mrs. Christy Skinner – may be a licensed power-assisted Living Administrator, nurse and social medical examiner with overflow twenty-five years of expertise operating for leading completely within the business. She incorporates a Master’s Degree publically Health and she or he is actually lusty once it involves taking care of the aging population.• Our ServicesMarket Street Assited Living Facilities, LLC is about to control a typical power-assisted Living Facility service in Viera, Florida. the very fact that we wish to become a force to reckon with within the power-assisted Living Facility business implies that we are going to offer our shoppers a tributary and extremely secured accommodation.In all that we have a tendency to do, {we will|we’ll|we are going to} make sure that our customers’ are happy and are willing to suggest our facility to their relations and friends. we have a tendency to ar within the power-assisted Living Facility business to deliver wonderful services and to create profits and that we are willing to travel the additional mile among the law of u. s.a to realize our business goals, aims, and objectives.These are the services that Market Street power-assisted Living Facilities, LLC are going to be offering;• Continuing care retirement communities• Assisted living facilities and houses for the old• Independent-living facilities• Providing space and board• Nursing and different supervising• Assistance in daily living• Housekeeping services• Social Work• Home Medication Management• Personal help ServicesOur Vision StatementOur vision is to become the amount one alternative once it involves power-assisted living facility service delivery within the whole of Florida and additionally to be amongst the highest twenty power-assisted living facility service supplier within u. s. of America among succeeding ten years.• Our Mission StatementMarket Street Viera power-assisted Living Facilities, LLC is in business is to ascertain a primary category power-assisted living facility service that may beware of each extremely placed shoppers and lowly placed shoppers as long as they will afford our services. we wish to become one in each of the leaders within the power-assisted living facility business in Florida and within u. s. of America.• Our Business StructureMarket Street Viera power-assisted Living Facilities, LLC may be a business that may be engineered on a solid foundation. From the offset, we’ve got determined to recruit solely qualified professionals (nurses, nurse’s aides, medication management counselors, physical therapists, county aging staff, and rehabilitation counselors, home health caregivers and residential caregivers) to man varied job positions in our organization.We are quite tuned in to the foundations and laws governing the power-assisted living facility business that is why we have a tendency to determined to recruit solely well veteran and qualified staff as foundational employees of the organization. we have a tendency to hope to leverage their experience to create our business complete to be accepted in Florida and also the whole of u. s.aWhen hiring, we are going to look out for candidates that aren’t simply qualified and veteran, but homely, honest, client centrical and are able to work to assist the USA to build a prosperous business that may profit all the stakeholders (the homeowners, workforce, and customers). As a matter of reality, a profit-sharing arrangement is going to be created out there to any or all our management employees and it’ll be supported their performance for an amount of 5 years or a lot of.This ar the positions that may be out there at Market Street Viera power-assisted Living Facilities, LLC;• Chief officer• Medication Management Counselors• Assisted Living Administrator (Human Resources and Admin Manager)• Nurse’s Aides• Home Health Caregivers / Home Caregivers /County Aging staff• Marketing govt• Account• Cleaners

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