The first description of the monster is very dramatic. The negative vocabulary adds to the tension that the first paragraph created. The first of the negative words is ‘catastrophe’. This suggests that the birth is a negative event. The picture of the creature is initially created for us through imagery and descriptive vocabulary. The word ‘wretch’ implies that we should have pity for the creature as its features are grotesque. Victor’s feelings towards his creation are both horror and shock. Also, Victor is being selfish because he doesn’t have a loving feeling towards the monster because of its abnormality.

Victor also repeats the word ‘beautiful’ this shows that he was striving for an ideal beauty in his creation because he chose the best and most beautiful body parts for his creation. Victor also shouts ‘Great God’. This implies that he is turning to god even though he has betrayed him by breaking the laws of God and man. ‘Lustrous black’, ‘flowing’ and ‘pearly whiteness’ are all suggestive of Victor’s ideal of beauty but they form a more horrid contrast, when placed together with the rest of the perfect body parts, and they don’t form an ideal beauty.

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Victor’s reaction to his creation initiates an unforgettable theme that persists throughout the whole novel. This creates the impression that the monster in inescapable form his grotesqueness, and that it is liable to appear at any moment. Victor initially states that the mix of the most perfect body parts, doesn’t make a beautiful body overall. Frankenstein implies to us that he thinks the monster is a hideous creature, but he bases his thoughts on the overall appearance of the creature and not its personality.

Victor had a negative reaction to the monster when it was born, and he resents the monster and is only thinking about his own feelings. This is shown throughout the chapter. The line ‘unable to compose my mind to sleep’ suggests that Victor is resenting the monster once again, even though it has not been alive for long and has done nothing wrong. The monster feels abandoned and ashamed that he can not be loved by his creator because of his looks. In the chapter, Mary Shelley uses many different words to describe the monster. Her most frequent names for the monster are ‘wretch’, ‘creature’, and ‘monster’.

These suggest that the monster is not welcome. These words are spoken only by Victor in the chapter. This also suggests that Victor has not got to know the monster and is just judging him on first appearances. These words make the reader feel pity for the creature as it is being abandoned by its creator. The phrase ‘demonical corpse’ is used. This suggests that Victor is basing the appearances of the monster on to the devils’ powers, calling it a demon, just based on its looks. I feel that Victor’s reaction to the creature he has created is very negative and strong.

He does not have a good thing to say about him, and runs away from his responsibilities. This is shown after the creature is born, Victor can sleep then he goes into the courtyard below. This shows that he does not care about the creature and that he can abandon it just because of its looks. Victor does not even give the creature a chance, as soon as he sees the ugliness of the creature, he disowns it immediately. This suggests and shows that he won’t give the monster a chance even though the creature is giving him a chance by trying to hug and speak to him and even smiling at him. This shows that the monster wants to get on with Victor.

Mary Shelley uses the concept of the monster to criticize the way people treat others. If you are not the right height, size or weight, people do not accept you. Personally, I don’t think that society has changed a lot, many people are still nasty to people because of their appearance, and many people kill themselves each year because they get picked on because of their looks. Some people don’t take any notice of peoples’ appearance. I look up to these people as they are strong inside. Victor’s reaction is similar to the people in town in the novel, most people reject the creature.

In the chapter, there are hints that there will be terrible consequences concerning the monster and Victor’s family. They are shown by Victor abandoning the monster, and the death of his brother, William. The dark atmosphere in the chapter also shows something is going to happen. The phrase ‘the rain pattered dismally against the pains…… my candle was nearly burnt out’ emphasise the dark setting which is continued in the rest of the novel. The terrible consequences are also brought to life by the thought of Victor abandoning the monster at first sight.

Victor fears the monster, because it is liable to turn up at any time and wreck something special, he has no gentle emotions for the creature, so he doesn’t care but the creature knows this, the whole outcome is described as a wreck. Victor’s illness also plays part in creating suspense. He suddenly falls ill after creating the monster, he gets better and then gets a letter from his father stating that his brother, William had been murdered. We do not yet know that the creature has killed William. The main hint in the novel is the dream that he has about his late mother and his lover, Elizabeth.

He has a dream that he is holding Elizabeth in his arms and then she turns into his late mothers’ corpse, he then awakens to find the monster towering above his bed. This shows that the novel is leading up to a mystery involving these people. The theme of the novel is that, there are dangers that scientific knowledge has been used incorrectly. This shows that Victor has moved his line of thoughts from God into hell or the devil. This is shown by him breaking the laws of God and man. Mary Shelley uses many references to hell in this chapter including ‘demonical’, ‘Dante’, ‘frightful fiend’, and ‘hell’.

These all suggest that the monster is created in hell or is associated with hell, also they suggest Victor dreamt of beauty but there was a death of his dreams and that why he is so bitter towards he creature and he also uses ‘Dante’ who was medieval artist who painted hell in his paintings could not of conceived him. These words and phrases are hints that only evil will come from what he has created. The creation entered the bedroom that Victor was resting in. Even though the monster meant well, Victor was scared by his presence.

Victor saw him in a negative way, and thought that the creature wanted to kill him even though the creature was looking for love. Victor shows these feelings by stating what he felt. This is shown using negative descriptions towards the monster like’ I beheld the wretch’, and ‘miserable monster’ these phrases show that he is disgusted with the outcome of the creature. ‘his eyes…… were fixed on me. His jaw opened, and he muttered some inarticulate sounds, while a grin wrinkled his cheeks. He might have spoken but I did not hear; one hand was stretched out, seemingly to detain me, but I escaped.

‘ This extract from the paragraph shows that the monster wanted to contact him, but Victor tried everything to stop this. It also shows Victor’s selfish side, as he sees the monster as a threat. Victor feels that he can not stand there too long or it may attack, as he feels insecure. I think that the monster was trying to contact Victor but Victor did not know because he was thinking about the grotesqueness of the monster. I think that Victor is a selfish narrator and it should be a dual narrative, this will make the novel more balanced.

It will be more interesting with a dual narrative because then the reader will not feel so much pity for the creature as there will be two points of view. In the beginning of the novel, Frankenstein used the monster’s descriptions in a positive manner as he thinks it’s a good idea, but later on in the novel he used it in a negative manner. This shows that his thoughts for the monster changed over a period of time and that the creatures’ appearances changed Victor’s mind about it. When Victor walks out on the creature and abandons it, I think that it is quite a tough time for the creature.

I believe this because the creature has only just been born, and doesn’t yet know how his bodily functions work, and how to stay alive as he has to relearn these skills. The creature is upset and ashamed that he can not be loved by anyone Victor quite frequently walks out on his problems. Earlier on in the novel, Victor went to Ingolstadt after his mother died, he left behind all of his responsibilities and problems. Also, when he decided to create the monster, he stopped with his former life and started to endure on the task ahead, and forgot all of his responsibilities.

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