Frankenstein is an original, remarkable and disturbing book all at once. Due to its insights into the nature of humans and their needs, in Frankenstein they are expressed in the form of a creature created by the most undesirable method. The novel touches several powerful and contradictory themes including; love and hate, beauty and ugliness, innocence and guilt, compassion and hard-heartedness. Many of these themes also relate to bigger, key events throughout the novel: the strife for new knowledge and discovery, justice and prejudice and mainly isolation.

As the book is part of the romanticism era, it focuses more on personal feelings and consequences of them rather than logic or reason. The reader gets a feeling that all the disastrous ins and outs of this novel are caused by forgotten reason, overindulgent thoughts or a heart over head approach to everything. The fact it’s written as an Epistolary gives the reader a more personal approach to the characters.

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But the less obvious under tonal qualities of the novel mustn’t be overlooked either, in addition to the strong, dominant gothic tone of darkness or gloom, there are moments during the story of light and hope, joy and enchantment, and love and pleasure, but following the gothic theme, are almost always destroyed by unfortunate events that occur. The Novel is subtitled ‘The modern Prometheus’ relating to the ancient Greek myth of Prometheus himself. If you compare Victor Frankenstein to Prometheus, there are very similar elements between him and the Titan. Like him Frankenstein goes too far and does not accept his and societies limits.

Frankenstein has a bit of a cursed imagination and learns to give life to a fabricated body. He starts playing something similar to God and creates his own man. His ambition is to shape a whole species which would bless him, a species he could call his own and should (in his mind) worship him: “A new species would bless me as its creator and source; many happy and excellent natures would owe their being to me”. But when the fulfilment of his dream is complete, its knock effect causes Victor to break through the limits society has deemed acceptable and falls deep into the main theme of the novel, isolation.

Just like Prometheus, who was, after being tied up to his rock, left alone. Frankenstein feels left out by society. Even if he has created this isolation himself, he cannot run away from the other major theme, guilt. The initial letters of Walton arouse much curiosity within the reader as in the first letter almost instantly we get the impression that Margaret (his sister) was very cautious about his enterprise before he left and is now most probably worried about events that could occur.

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