The famous gothic horror novel “Frankenstein” was published in the early nineteenth century by the unconventional author, Mary Shelley. The gaps between society, whether a person was affluent and wealthy or destitute and impoverished was an important factor in the Victorian era. Male authority and power dominated both private and public life. Mary Godwin from her youth was a rebel of this culture, so she escaped at the tender age of sixteen to lead a more unconventional lifestyle in the literacy circle with her new husband, Percy Shelley.

Eventually, she started writing and completed the horror-based book of “Frankenstein” after a period of calamities, which overwhelmed her life. The book was completed due to Mary’s comprehensive knowledge of science, which she then applied to create an extraordinary horror based novel. Scientists at that time were also discussing the possibility of brining back the dead back to life. One particular scientist, Erasmus Darwin-suggested that this was possible. Another one actually revived some dead tissue by using electricity; his name was Luigi Galvani. These scientists were learning more about the human body.

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They were learning about the way blood circulates and the way the human nervous system works-part of this was the way ‘synaptic nerves’ sent electrical messages around the body. The general public was very interested in these developments and breakthroughs. People were very religious. The suggestion that man could have the same powers as God was shocking to the church. Religious people would have been absolutely appalled that men could challenge Gods authority. It was popular held belief that women simply did not possess the knowledge to challenge the quality of any male produced book, though she verified this was not true.

Due to this she didn’t put her name on the book for thirteen years. Mary Shelly was from a very radical family. Her mother (Mary Wollstonecraft) was a campaigner for women equal rights. Her father (William Godwin) was another political-free thinker. He said as long as people acted sensibly then we would have no need for laws and rules. Her mother died ten days after her birth and Mary Shelley also lost her own daughter within two weeks of her birth. Maybe it was for this reason she was so interested bringing the dead back to life.

Her husband, Percy Shelley also drowned later on in her life- he took a boat out in a storm even though he knew he couldn’t swim. Horror is a genre of fiction and film, devoted to primarily scaring the audience. Horror is established on great fear, loathing, disgust, distress, fright and terror. It is on built on creating a fix of anxiety and terror, thus it includes horrifying or frightening themes. Horror films tend to use the motifs such as vampirism, the eruption of ancient evil and monstrous transformations as the main scenario of horror.

Viewers anticipate seeing many characteristics that result in the movies involvement with the genre such as violent scenes which seem to be the main factor of the horror genre, because it frightens the audience with gruesome scenes of death or a person being murdered and mutilated in an extreme way. In it are characters that are helpless in a situation, which is beyond their control and therefore are part of the horror. Commonly, women are regarded to be horror’s main victims, due to the fact that they are considered weak in strength.

In one-way horror films show the audience what they generally don’t watch or should not see and so creates a sense of excitement. In horror films, gruesome murders are common, which are carried out by entities such as monsters who are creatures of a different nature and sometimes they include supreme strength though sometimes have been created so that they many have a crucial weakness and thus eventually resulting in their deaths. The physical appearance of the creature is horrific and this is where the horror is initially found. In society during this period, physical malformation was connected with evil.

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