In his younger days, Frankenstein was brought up in Geneva, Switzerland. He came into a loving, caring, well-disciplined family. The family adored him ‘I was their play thing and their idol’. He is portrayed as the ideal child in his parent’s eyes. The childhood they gave him, was a happy one ‘My mothers caresses and fathers smiles… are my first recollections’. He was closer to his mother more so than his father as his mother did the up bringing. When he was five years old, the family adopted a young peasant girl. Frankenstein was instantly smitten.

He became obsessed ‘A heaven being sent’ and took it upon himself to protect, love and cherish her. He was incredibly inquisitive as he was growing up; he had an eager desire to learn. A desire to discover the unknown. This is a reference to Dr Jekyll, as he also wanted to discover the unknown. Frankenstein’s father, not being scientific, left him to his own devices – his books of science. He took in every word the text said and became the book’s discipline. Again, like Dr Jekyll, he has high ideals – he wishes to banish disease from the human frame but is sad that he can’t do anything about violent deaths.

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‘What glory would be attend the discovery, if I could banish disease from the human frame and render man invulnerable to any but a violent death’. Frankenstein was devoted to his mother but she died after nursing Elizabeth through scarlet fever. His feeling of loss became apparent, with him being extremely close to his mother, there was now a huge hole in his life. Not long after his mother’s death, he went to Inglostadt University in Germany. At the University, he met Mr Waldman, who inspired him and supported him.

Frankenstein did experiments in which he showed onlookers how dead matter can be made to move with the aid of electric currents. As he became increasingly more and more obsessed with human anatomy and decaying bodies, he decided to create a creature. ‘I saw how the worm inherited the wonders of the eye and the brain’. He picked up bits of body by going around charnel houses and grave digging for his eight-foot creature. In my opinion, as the story goes on, Victor Frankenstein is becoming conceited but I think he has good intentions towards humans; trying to find a way to end death.

Also though, he is not thinking about the consequences or the creature’s reaction when it comes to life. Once the creature is born, the vision Frankenstein had of him is lost because it does not look anything like he had hoped. The creature’s repulsive features horrified Frankenstein; with its dull yellow eyes and skin, flowing black hair and pearly white teeth encased by black lips, he looked almost mummy like. Frankenstein, who was nai?? ve to think the creature would turn out like he thought, runs away. A little while later, after leaving the creature at his residence, he returned with his friend Henry Clerval.

Whilst entering the house, Victor was apprehensive and was elated to discover that the creature had vanished ‘I was unable to remain for a single instant in the same place. ‘ This of course was a selfish thing because he is not taking time out to think of the creature’s welfare, or anyone else’s for that matter. Clerval, who new nothing about this creation, was totally baffled with Victor’s display of emotions ‘My dear Victor, what for Gods sake is the matter? ‘ Frankenstein was oblivious to the creatures needs, obviously not realising that this creature is like a new baby – needs special attention and care, lets it roam free through a town.

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