The creature was brought into the world by doctor Frankenstein, hideously deformed and abandoned in horror by its creator shortly after it took its first breath. It then fled its birthplace of Geneva, and escaped into the distant woods. After stumbling across many lands, it discovered a little cottage full of lovely and generous human beings, from whom it learnt the ability to understand language and about the ways of the human world, merely from the powers of observation.

After unsuccessfully trying to become accepted by the group of people, it fled the cottage and after a series of circumstances, murdered a young and beautiful child, William. The question of why the creature killed William can be answered by trying to understand the creature’s cumulative emotional state at the time of the murder. When the creature first stumbles upon the cottage and encounters the human beings, he is filled with feelings far from those which incite murder ‘… the aged cottager won my reverence, while the gentle manner of the girl induced my love.

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‘ This demonstrates the creature’s innate ability to feel warmth and compassion. He sees benevolence among the people and mirrors it in his own actions, for example when he decides to assist the people in their labours and collect wood for them. The creature hence shows a very golden characteristic in a person, the ability to act selflessly and derive pleasure from it. No one taught the creature how to feel this love, no one told the creature how to differentiate good and bad actions, it simply acted on impulse, and proved itself to have good intentions.

Therefore, it is safe to assume the creature was not always emotionally capable of murder, especially considering the thought ‘I was led to desire peaceful lawgivers… The patriarchal lives of my protectors caused these impressions to take a firm hold of my mind. ‘ This suggests that the creature at a later date followed an example of murder, or was incited with hateful feelings, rather than that the creature was born a merciless child killer. The first time the creature experiences emotions that are considered wrong by society, is when he realises he is ugly and socially unaccepted.

It is prominently obvious that the creature is perhaps indwelling feelings that could eventually incite an act of murder after it has read the journal of Dr Frankenstein which transcribes his own creation. ‘”I sickened as I read, “Hateful day when I received life! “‘ The feelings that rejection force onto him are such that lead him to despair and loneliness. He starts to encounter feelings that are different from those that he has witnessed and felt because of the attention he paid to the residents at the cottage. ‘… in the bitterness of my heart, I cursed him. ‘

The creature, however, is still filled with a hope that his protectors will accept him with all his physical flaws, and welcome him with their kind hearts into their lives. His faith in the people is absolute at this point, but his whole faith in the benevolence of humanity was rested only on what he had observed at the cottage. Therefore, when the humans rejected him and beat him out of their lives with hatred, hatred in return for his selfless acts to help them, the creature’s heart ‘sunk within him as bitter sickness’. He begun to doubt the humans as a race, and danced with feelings of ‘rage and revenge’.

After realising to what extent the humans despised him, these feelings were firmly cemented in the creature and he began to feel violent and hence capabe of murder. ‘For the First time the feelings of revenge and and hatred and revenge filled my bosom… I bent my mind towards injury and death. ‘ The creature’s isolation from mankind, and long days without any human contact allowed it to further torture itself with the cruelty he had indured, first at the hand of his creator, and secondly at the hands of his supposed protectors.

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