Do you think the Monster’s unhappiness in anyway justifies his murderous behaviour? Frankenstien’s monster was not justified in his murderous behavior. His unhappiness was not an exuse to kill inoccent people. Although the monster’s unhappiness is caused by humans, he never approached Frankenstien before killing, to ascertain whether there was an alternative solution. I don’t feel the monster’s behaviour was justified, however i do see some reasoning behind it. Fundamentally he was angry because he was lonelly. His treatment by humans was abominal.

This can be seen when he enters a village part way through chapter eleven. He saw the village as a salvation ‘How miraculous did this appear! ‘ This all changed when not long after steppin foot into the village he realised there was a darker side to man. ”The whole village was roused; some fled, some attacked me, until, grievously bruised by stones and many other kinds of missile weapons. ” This is the monsters first encounter with humans and he is treated terribly and for no rational reason, simply because he looked different.

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Although this was a disgusting show of human nature i don’t think it justifies the monster killing a boy who did not even live in the village. As the Monster is alone in the world he has nobody to share his problems with. He has no way of comunicating with others. Not only does he look the way he does, which scares most people off. He also can’t talk. He has to teach himself how to read and speak. This would be a frustrating situation for anyone to be in. It would build up a lot of anger inside, not being able to express his feelings to anyone. Even though the Monster looks the way he does, he is still human.

He has a human brain, human features and a human heart. The constant hammer on the Creatures self asteam is overwhelming. He gets abandonded, chased, ran away from, stoned and attacked almost everywhere he went. When he finally found somewhere and someone to talk to, that also came to a sudden end very quickly. Spending your whole life looking in on things in envy, not bein able to join in must be very hard. This will of caused a lot of resentment and anger fot the Monster. The Monster has one main objective, to find out the truth of his creation.

All anyone sees when they see the Monster is an overgrown ugly beast. When really he is a kind and sensitive person. Nobody cares that he is hurting and all he wants is to find out where he came from. Which frustrates the Monster further. When the monster finally learnt how to read, he found the journal which Frankenstien kept while putting together and carrying out the experiment on him. Reading that he finds he is just an experiment and has no background, the monster is deeply upset by this. That upset turned to anger. This is when he swore eternal revenge on his creator, Victor Frankenstein.

The monster was incredably ugly ”A mummy again andued with animation could not be so hideous as that wretch. ” The reason the people in the village attacked him was because he looked so different. They were scared of him n felt he was a threat. This could be another reason for his murderous behaviour. He could of wanted revenge on Frankenstien for creating him in such a hideous form. Not only did Frankenstien bring him into the world, then abandonned him with no education and no knowledge of his creation, he also made him look the way he did.

This made it imposable for the monster to fit in. This must of been hard for the Monster. I am sure if he was created to be handsom, and he didnt feel as alienated, he would not be as angry. He wouldn’t feel the need to do whathe did, or maybe he would? What if the urge to kill was just inside him? After all he was put together by body parts off other murderers and criminals. Maybe he just couldn’t help it? The murderous drive may of come from somewhere inside him and he couldn’t control his actions. If this were true surely it would justify him for what he did?

Saying the monster wasn’t driven by something inside him: As said earlier he was still human, so surely he should obide by human rules. What gave him the right to exercise control and use his strength over others? He came across the young boy, and killed him for no reason. Willie had done nothin wrong to the monster, appart from scream and struggle as any scared child would. He knew nothing of what Victor had done and was nothing to do with it. So why did he deserve to be murdered? This could indicate the Monster felt no guilt for his actions.

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