Mary shelly Frankenstein has been widely read and enjoyed since its publication since 1818. With close reference to chapter five explain how Mary Shelley makes her narrative effective. Why do I think it has stood against time? It was a dreary night in Geneva Mary Shelley was staying with Lord Byron and her husband Percy Shelley. She was 18 years old and they were telling each other ghost stories when She was challenged by her husband to write a ghost story to “make the reader dread to look round to curdle the blood and quicken the beatings of the heart” The story that she wrote was ‘Frankenstein’.

It was first published in 1818 and has fascinated and shocked people for nearly 190 years. Like Mary Shelley herself Frankenstein is obsessed with creating life because of his mother died in child birth this also reflects the authors experience since her own child died in child birth too. The story starts as Captain Robert Walton a ship’s captain, whose ship was stuck in the ice, hears a roar and from the fog a man appears. He asks if he can take some men to kill a creature.

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The captain declines and asks Victor to tell him what is out there victors tells his story from the beginning; the place where he was born in Geneva where he was introduced to his stepsister who had been adopted. A few years later his mother died giving birth to a baby boy. Victor was shocked and went to Ingolstadt where he studied modern science. He had met a professor waldman who had been stopped from trying to bring the dead back to life some years previously ago and tried to persuade him to give him his notes on the research but Professor Waldman refused and told him to let nature run it course.

The professor and Frankenstein were giving vaccinations and a peasant had stabbed the professor since he did not want a vaccination and the professor die. Frankenstein went against what the professor had told him and took his notes. Frankenstein went and gathered all the raw materials that he needed and created a body with sparkling white teeth and a beautiful body and brought it to life. To his amazement when the monster awoke he was horrified at what he saw it had a deformed face and yellow eyes Frankenstein ran for his bed chamber and went to sleep.

When he woke up he saw the monster at the end of his bed and he ran. The monster attacked him and then runs off. The monster befriends an old blind woodman and learns to read and speak. The monster finds Frankenstein journal in the coat that he took when he fled and reads that he was made by Frankenstein. When he finishes reading he swore to kill victor Frankenstein and heads for Geneva. When the monster reaches Geneva he kills William victor’s younger brother and frames Justine for the murder. The town’s people are furious and hanged Justine.

Elizabeth is killed by the monster so Victor goes after the monster to destroy it but dies before he does so. The monster decides to leave human kind behind and will die soon. The story’s genre is gothic horror since it details contain violence blood and life after death. The settings are also gothic in Ingolstat “the high white steeple of the town”. Can be seen and the buildings are imposing because of all the castles towers and attics this creates the feeling of being trapped when victor is in the courtyard because of how everything is surrounding him.

Frankenstein however also says that the courtyard is an asylum. There is also a deadly disease of; cholera the government would not let anyone out of the town. The weather creates a gloomy mood because of the rain “It was on a dreary night of November that I beheld the accomplishment of my toils. ” This quotation creates an interest into what is going to happen this is because most people are asleep it is cold dark and dreary “the rain pattered dismally against the panes and my candle was nearly burnt out”. This is called pathetic fallacy.

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