He shows this when he saves Johnny’s life when he was trapped in the burning Church after they saved the kids. Another example of where the Greasers show emotions for each other is when they have a big fight with the Soc’s because Sodapop says to Ponyboy that he has got his back and Darry also says that he has got his back too. Darry and Sodapop say this because they are all brothers who look out for each other no matter what. Darry and Sodapop do this together in the fight when Ponyboy is getting kicked in the ribs by a Soc. Darry and Sodapop then come a beat up the Soc.

In Frankenstein the emotions aroused are mainly felt by the monster, such as when he watchers the family in France and what he learns from them. For example, how he appreciates the way they play music to make them feel happy. Also a lot of emotion is felt by the monster for Frankenstein the feels angry and upset with Frankenstein and wants revenge on him, but deep down he desperately wants to be friends with him so that Frankenstein can help him. Another incident, which evokes pity for the monster is when he is travelling to Geneva.

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The monster sees a young girl drowning and comes to her aid. He saves the girl, but instead of being thanked he is stared and shot at. This evokes a sense of pity and injustice. Why should the monster be shot for doing a very kind dead? He is shot and wounded for days. If a human had done what the monster did then they would have been thanked and possible rewarded. There is also some pity for Frankenstein. It is aroused in the book when the monster kills his wife, brother and best friend. The monster kills Elizabeth, William, Clerval and Justine.

There is pity because I feel sorry for him because now he hasn’t got anyone to go to except the monster, but the problem is, is that Frankenstein doesn’t want to go to the monster. But on the other hand it was Frankenstein attitudes towards the monster that set up the event in the book. Frankenstein could of took the monster under his wing, but instead took the cowards way out. So in a way we cannot feel pity for him because he brought it on himself. The only time we could possibly sympathise for Frankenstein is when he loses everything he loves and because little more than an empty shell.

As I have indicated this above. The main character in the outsiders is Ponyboy Curtis. Ponyboy Curtis is a 14-year-old boy living with his two older brothers Darry and Sodapop. He is living with his two brothers because their mother and father died in a car crash when he was young. Ponyboy is very clever and the brightest in the Greasers. He always gets A’s at school and has even been moved up a year at school. Ponyboy is also very conscious, for example when he breaks a glass bottle. The picks up the glass afterwards so no one gets hurt of gets a flat tyre if on the road.

In the gang the Greasers they all take care in their hair. But Ponyboy’s case he prides himself on his hair. He feels this because in the book Ponyboy is distraught at the thought of having his hair cut off. He is also the only one that believes in god. But he used to go to church with Johnny to learn more about god. Even though Ponyboy is the main character the other characters in the Greasers also play a big part. In Frankenstein the main characters are Frankenstein and the monster. Frankenstein was born in Geneva and went to the university of Inglestadt. Frankenstein seems to be a good man at the start of the book.

He cared for his family and seemed to be very gentle. But when he was gripped by the insane obsession to create life, he then ruined his own life. He didn’t think about the consequences only the fame and reward. Frankenstein couldn’t have predicted what was going to happen, but he could of prepared himself better. The monster was the other main character in Frankenstein. The monster was Frankenstein’s creature or creation. The monster hand many feelings towards Frankenstein, but firstly the monster didn’t really know him at the start, until he saw the books about what he was doing.

He hates Frankenstein and sees him as Satan. The monster also says because Frankenstein is his creator the duty of him is to look after and care for him. He was forced to cope with the world on his own. Even though he felt like this for Frankenstein, the monster started his life as a kind being but several events turned him to evil: Firstly he was driven away by Frankenstein after he refused the monster.  People called him names like wrenched, evil, disgusting etc.  He was attacked when entering a village.

He grew to love the Delacys who he observed at a distance but when he tried to make contact they drove him away. * He also saved a girl from drowning but when he saved her father shot him. All of this built inside of him and he said to Frankenstein “If I cannot inspire love, I will cause fear”. He showed this to Frankenstein by killing his wife, brother and best friend. The purpose of Frankenstein was to tell people not to do something without asking themselves if it is a good reason or if I do, do something then what affects could it have on them or there family in the case of Frankenstein.

I also think the purpose of the book is to make the reader like carefully and see what comes first in there lives, except being famous and having lots of money, which Frankenstein did and neglected his family. But also to care for your family because anything could happen to them where ever they are and what they do in their lives. The audience for Frankenstein is mainly for people aged 30 and above has the book has lots of difficult words that were from years and years ago. But even though we managed to read it, it was still difficult as it was hard to understand the words and sentences in some cases.

The purpose of The Outsiders is to tell the reader not to just judge other people by the way they look and dress because they might be a very nice person inside, but just forced into the way they look and dress. This occurs in the book when The Soc’s and The Greasers fight because they don’t like each other and the way they do things. But also they want to in be charge of everything. But it also would tell the reader to try and get to know the person. This is shown in the book when Cherry Valance starts to like and get to know Ponyboy even though Ponyboy is a Greaser and Cherry is a Soc.

The audience for The Outsider’s is mainly everyone because it is write in modern language and also everyone can understand what is going on in the book. But also it allowed us to think more about other peoples feelings and what they might do and what the affects could face. The book that I would choose would be The Outsiders because I enjoyed reading the book and how the whole story was set. I especially liked the way they did the book because through the whole story it was set up for a big fight in the end of the book. But also it was adventurous because there was plenty of action in the book.

This is shown when Ponyboy, Johnny and Dally safe the lives of children in the church after it was on fire. I enjoyed this part of the book because even though Johnny died at the end of this, they also were brave as they all had to get the children out. Overall I think the main reason for why I choose The Outsider was because it was funny to read and some bits made me laugh. Show preview only The above preview is unformatted text This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Mary Shelley section. Download this essay Print Save Not the one? Search for

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