My limbs now tremble” he is horrified by what he is doing, and is now becoming frightened because of it. The torture of animals and grave robbing are very, gruesome and gothic ideas. The effect is to make the reader feel disgusted by the undertakings of Frankenstein. I feel sorry for the doctor, as his obsession and hunger for success has driven him to desperate measures. At the end of chapter four, when the monster is completed he describes his appearance, “I appeared rather like one doomed by slavery to toil in the mines” this means that his appearance is not attractive; he looks gaunt, skinny and sickly.

The gothic feature present here is the fact that he looks quite like a corpse himself, or a vampire as if by doing this he has taken away his humanity. He also says that “Every night I was oppressed by a slow fever” meaning at the end of every night he grew ill, his obsession has put a staring on his body and he is getting sick. The use of the first person lines, e. g. “my friend, that you expect to be informed of the secret” these draw the reader in and create tension, as it is making it personal like Frankenstein is talking to us in a convocation. The descriptions of his works are usually very disturbing and horrific, e.

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g. “tortured the living animal”, “I collected bones from charnel-houses” this makes the reader feel uneasy and horrified by his actions. The reader is made to feel this way by the lack of respect for the dead, as he simply takes the parts that he needs and leaves the rest to rot. Also the fact that he is torturing animals seems cruel. Another revolting part is the dissecting room “The dissecting room and the slaughter house furnished many of my materials” the fact that he has a room where he goes to cut bodies and animals up is sickening for a reader.

The opening line of chapter five “It was a dreary night of November”, immediately sets the mood and atmosphere because of pathetic fallacy, this is when the weather is used to represent the mood of a person or situation. This is a typical gothic feature. Another instants of this is at the bottom of page of seventy one, “rain poured from a black and comfortless sky” this example of pathetic fallacy is representing the feelings of Dr. Frankenstein, the rain is representing his despair and the “comfortless sky” is his unending restlessness, now he realises he has created a monster.

This effect makes me feel closer to the characters feelings. All through the chapters seasons are changing, from spring, to autumn, to winter when he creates the monster. It is getting darker all the time as he is becoming more obsessed, until he can no longer turn back. A lot of the imagery in the two chapters are very gruesome like “the slaughter house” the idea of a man having a slaughter house where he lives is sinister. Also the way he stays awake to the early hours of the morning is disturbing, almost as if he is nocturnal, like a vampire.

When the monster awakens he is described in grisly detail, “His yellow skin scarcely covered the work of veins and arties beneath; his hair was of lustrous black, and flowing; his teeth a pearly whiteness; but these luxuries only formed a more horrid contrast with his watery eyes that seemed almost the same colour as the dun-white sockets in which they were set” this could make the reader almost feel sorry for the monster, as the doctor has created him and failed in making him perfect.

It also instils a sense of horror upon the reader, as the creature that doctor Frankenstein describes represents a man but in an ugly, nightmarish form. Frankenstein’s dream is quite disturbing and grotesque, “with the first kiss on her lips, they became livid with the hue of death” the fact that it is after he kissed her it is as if he is a carrier of death, and he has infected her. After all the time he has spent watching the dead bodies decompose and being detached, he is projecting it onto someone that he cares about.

Even though the dream is sickening and blood curdling it means that he is becoming more human again, as he is now seeing the true horrors of his actions. In paragraph five his being to feel sickly, “I nearly sank to the ground through languor and extreme weakness” this a kind of karma, a typical gothic feature, he is now feeling weak because of the abomination his has created, and the fact he has taken no responsibility for it. An effect that the novel would have on a modern audience would not be the same, but it would have a large impact.

Since there is a large speculation on genetic experiments, like cloning and its ethical issues would have an impact, but the religious side of things may not be as notable. The gruesome and horror of the book however will not be lost, many people would still be sickened to think of a man stealing rotting body parts to recreate life, that of the novel would not of been forgotten. I think that Frankenstein has been successful because of its challenging views and gory descriptions, many audiences like to have the feeling of fear but it the mixture of horror and the undertone of the realism of the book that makes it successful.

Shelley novel has definitely stood the test of time, as it has been remade countless time as films and it still remains in modern culture references. Show preview only The above preview is unformatted text This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Mary Shelley section.

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