Mathew GuzmanMrs. MockEnglish 221 December 2017Benefits of Technology Technology today has affected each and everyone of our lives.  Some can be affected by technology in a positive way and some can also be affected in a negative way. Today in America many people own some kind of technology. Technology has positively impacted American society by providing citizens with a new form of learning, a form of communication, and also can be used to provide support in getting a job. Technology can be seen today in many different places. Places that people go to every single day. Places such as schools, coffee shops, grocery stores, or even many restaurants own some kind of technology. This technology can also be used to benefit people. Some students see technology in their classrooms every day. This helps students learn and it can also help teachers teach. In a journal article titled, “Principals’ Perceptions of the Importance of Technology in Schools”, written by Hersh Waxman, Anna Boriack, Yuan-Hsuan Lee, and Angus MacNeil, states, “Principals reported that the major function of technology were: (a) communication, (b) instruction, (c) data sharing and management, (d) a resource, (e) administrative tasks, and (f) student learning.” This shows that technology used during school hours were mostly used to benefit the student and the teacher. Technology helps the teacher by providing them with something that can make teaching easier. It also helps the student by making different tasks easier. The role of technology in the classroom is to make things easier. Although technology can help educate kids in the classroom, kids can also be learning from spreading information through technology. In another journal article named, “Using Social Media to Engage and Educate Teen Parents” by Kim Allen, Christina Jolly, and Jenna Barnes, states, “These communication tools, while commonly used for leisure and social networking, also provide a means for seeking and sharing information can be used to promote learning.” While people are using technology they may be on social media or other platforms. These platforms can be used to spread information. Information on a random subject or something that can be used in everyday life. Technology can give information on something that people would typically not have learned. Technology can help educate people in the classroom and while people are just scrolling through the internet. Technology has many uses. One of the main reasons that technology heavily affects us today is because it has provided a source of communication. We can text our friends or call our parents and do many different things with technology. This is one of the many ways that we communicate with the people we know. In a journal article titled, “New Technologies and Communication Tools” by Jim Bouse, states, “Relationships are key to the success of everything higher education hopes to accomplish… Creation of these relationships can be engaged and facilitated by technology, communication tools, and ideas…” Technology can improve the status of our relationships and can push our lives for the better. The people that we communicate with over the internet can help push our lives further, depending on who it is. In a journal called, “Communication Technology: Pros and Cons of Constant Connection to Work” written by Ismael Diaz, Dan Chiaburu, Ryan Zimmerman, Wendy Boswell, states, “We examined the relationship between employees’ attitudes related to communication technology (CT) flexibility, communication technology (CT) use, work-to-life conflict and work satisfaction. Based on data obtained from 193 employees, CT flexibility predicted more CT use. Further, CT use was associated not only with increased work satisfaction, but also with higher levels of work-to-life conflict.” In a work setting technological communication can be key. It can help improve the job and also help get the job done faster. Technology can improve some work places if people can communicate through technology. This works because information can spread more quickly and easily. Technology is one of the key factors for people communicating. Lastly, technology can help provide support in getting a job. While people use technology for fun and other things, it can also be used to help you get more serious things. Technology can provide a great way in helping you into getting a good job. In the journal, “Posting, Sharing, Networking, and Connecting: Use of Social Media Content by Graduate Students” by Enilda Romero-Hall, states, “However, those who follow the social media of their ID&T program found tremendous benefits from the experience. These benefits range from feelings of belonging to a community of ID&T professionals, to career opportunities for networking, and cross country interactions.” The people that actually take advantage of what they can do with technology will benefit. Like the people who took advantage of their ID&T program. They were able to push their lives forward for the better just because of the technology that they used. This means that if other people take advantage of their own technology, then they can improve their own life also. Another journal titled, “Sizing Up Social Media” by Jerold Pearson, states, “Even now, as efforts to support and encourage usage may be just beginning, social media appear to stimulate interest in traditional programming and resources, rather than replace or make them redundant. Research shows that social media can complement, augment, and amplify alumni relations objectives much more than they appear to undermine them.” As people use technology it can help them find a better job. While using technology for social media it can help you get in touch with the alumni relations of a college that you went to. This means that the alumni relations can help you get a job and also help you during your life. Technology is important to society for many reasons. Some of the reasons include a way of learning, a way of communication, to help you get a job, and there are many more. While more and more people are starting to get some sort of technology, we can start seeing these benefits in action. Overall has positively affected the society today, especially in America.Works Cited

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