Max Roosevelt’s article discusses how
letter grades are too highly valued among college students, and claims that
students are in the habit of regurgitating information for these grades. Citing
multiple sources, Roosevelt (2009) attributes students’ attitudes towards grades
as the epitome of millennial entitlement.  

Supporting this argument,
Professor Grossman says his students believe they are entitled to an A grade if
they meet the basic requirements and demonstrate minimum effort. Furthermore, college
student Sarah Kinn supports this claim saying that, “…if I do all the readings
and attend class…I should be able to achieve a B grade.” This entitlement attitude
stems from students’ K-12 experiences in hyper-efficient studying as well as “parental
pressure, competition between peers, and increased achievement anxiety.”

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Similarly, one
can identify millennials’ self-serving attitudes and competitive nature in a
corporate environment. All generations seek jobs that will advance their
careers; however, millennial employees are known to act selfishly in their own
interests and demonstrate incompetence as a result of their entitlement. According
to Larry Alton (2017), millennials tend to demand higher pay and special privileges
in order to feed their superiority complex. Furthermore, Alton explains how millennials
often expect a promotion after two years working at the same company,
regardless of individual achievement. James Roberts, manager at Progressive
Travel Recruitment (2017), says that “millennials see their very presence in
a company as a privilege for their employer,” and “require a great deal more
attention from their bosses than other generations.” Again, this self-entitlement
stems from competition between peers, increased sense of achievement anxiety,
and learned superiority complex.

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