May 2014

The International Council on Clean
Transportation issued findings that show Volkswagen 2L vehicles were showing
significantly higher levels of emissions. At this stage they had only tested
2012 VW Jetta’s and 2013 Passat’s according to the Environmental Protection
Volkswagen stated that it was down to
technical issues as well as unexpected testing conditions.

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December 2014

By December Volkswagen began voluntarily
recalling diesel vehicles to address the emissions matter.

May 2015

The Californian Air Resources board (CARB) report
an update on emissions stating they tested a TDI VW Passat in their Lab and
on the road, which showed some improvement but not enough.

July 2015

Volkswagen admits to irregularities within
their software. According to the Air Resources Board of California
”Volkswagen discloses the cheat device/ software had a second setting with
the intention to operate only during emissions testing” 

2nd September 2015

Volkswagen announce that approximately 11 million
diesel vehicles worldwide have been fitted with the ‘cheat device’ that
bypasses emissions testing. They have agreed to put €6.5 Billion aside to
cover costs of fixing the diesel vehicles affected.

23rd September 2015

Martin Winkerkorn (Volkswagens CEO) steps
down as CEO, and explains he was not aware of any personal offences, however
he takes full accountability for the scandal’. Winterkorn states ”My
resignation clears the way for a new start within the Volkswagen Group” (Cars.com
article, 2016)




25th September 2015

By the end of September 2015, Volkswagen has
appointed a new CEO, Matthias Muller. He began by explaining in a press
release ”My most urgent task is to win back trust for Volkswagen” (The
Guardian, 2015)

October 2015

In an interview the newly appointed CEO
Matthias Muller released he hopes to have all affected vehicles fixed/
compensated by December 2016. He also explained his plan for January 2016, is
to start recalling the millions of vehicles involved in the scandal.

March 2016

The California court managing the Volkswagen
case has granted a further
extension until 21st April 2016 to come to
an arrangement with officials on how to fix the diesel vehicles correctly.

July 2016

The Volkswagen Group have been issued with a
settlement fee of 14.7 Billion Dollars by the District Court. The process
will now begin notifying all affected Volkswagen vehicle owners by letter.

September 2016

An engineer for Volkswagen James Liang,
pleaded guilty to charges against him to commit wire fraud as well as a
violation of the Clean Air Act.

December 2016

Volkswagen have reached an initial agreement
with the federal court which is worth 1.2 billion dollars, as well as an
arrangement with state agencies to buy back or repair approximately 82,000

July 2017

Giovanni Pamio, the Former Audi Manager has
been charged with conspiracy to violate the clean air act, defraud the US and
wire fraud.
Findings state that from 2006 to 2015
Giovanni was responsible for the engineering teams that led to the emissions

December 2017

”The former Volkswagen executive Oliver
Schmidt, received the maximum sentence of 7 years in prison as well as a
400,000 Dollar fine due to concealing Volkswagen cheat device on emissions
tests” (Cars Article, 2017)
The final outcome of the case; Volkswagen
has pleaded guilty to felony which has cost the company approximately $30

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