Medicine is a broad topic due to its long history. More
specifically, the first medical information discovered can be dated back to
3000 BC. It is necessary to acknowledge how much medicine has evolved and how
it benefits us today. The history of medicine should be an important aspect of
a medical education because it can increase the knowledge of medical students
and ultimately help them become better physicians.

Studies have shown that medical schools are more likely to teach
students about what they believe is more important, which is the sciences, and
this has given rise to the hidden curriculum. In addition, the hidden
curriculum is what students learn outside of what they are actually supposed to
be learning in medical school. Medical students take courses such as biology to
learn about cells and chemistry to learn about the elements. Of course, biology
teaches them about the anatomy of the human body and chemistry teaches them how
medicines are made, but those courses won’t teach them how to diagnose a
patient or how to know the difference between certain diseases. This
demonstrates why it is necessary to add courses in which students can learn
about the history of medicine and how illnesses have changed. Additionally,
this information could be useful to medical students as it could increase their
critical thinking and reasoning skills and lead them to make better decisions
as physicians. The history of medicine can also teach medical student humility.
The high focus on the sciences can lead to medical students thinking highly of
themselves and that can cause a problem in the way they will care for their patients
in the future.

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Medicine is defined as the practice of diagnosis, treatment, and
prevention of disease. In addition, medicine can also be defined as the use of
medication or drugs to treat diseases. For example, it is a fact that vaccines
are used for viral infections and antibiotics are used for bacterial
infections. Because of past events such as the epidemiological transition, physicians
have been able to find treatments for the current diseases that people are
living long enough to experience. As stated in Making the Case for History
in Medical Education, the history in medical education is “a rich mine from
which may be brought to light many neglected or overlooked discoveries of
value.” This demonstrates how a doctor’s ability to treat patients has
increased over time as sicknesses are continuously studied and compared to how
they developed in the past. Learning about the history of diseases could give
students a new perspective about medicine.

The history of medicine in medical education has greatly benefited
our society today with many advances. However, not only have we seen advances
in treatments, but also in practices and the technology used in hospitals. One
of the first pieces of medical technology, which dates back to the 1200s, was
the magnifying glass. Another example is the stethoscope, which was invented in
1816, but is now used by almost every physician. In addition, before the
stethoscope was invented, physicians relied on feeling a patient’s pulse or
hearing a pulse by placing their ears on their patients’ chest. This
demonstrates how much medicine has changed when compared to the technology
currently used. It is important for medical schools to recognize how much the
medical field has grown using its history and how it can continue to do so if
students were given the opportunity to learn about such subjects.

The history of medicine is what scientists and physicians have
learned from in order to move forward. This can go on to support that
everything in life must have a history from which it evolves from, and without
history, medicine would not be as advanced as it has become today. The beauty
of the history in medical education is that there is simply so much to learn
about that medical students could use in the future to increase the growth of
advancements in the medical field and to become more successful as medical

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