Men believe not even what they see”. This is ironic, because a member of the “Band of Brothers” says, “This is no place for a women”. Despite the “Band of Brothers” being a group of heroes, Stoker gives his characters different qualities. While Van Helsing may seem to be more in touch with his feminine side, seen at Lucy’s burial, “I grieve my heart out”, he is also the most intelligent, and knowledgeable of the new species, (the vampire). Holmwood/Goldalming share the weakness for women, as they almost fall victim to Lucy’s seductive nature as a vampire.

Jonathan Harker suffers drastically to the extent that his hair changes colour due to… Seward presents a modern man, who denies his feelings more than other characters. Showing the new hero, Quincey represents the American, where their heart follows the money etc. as a result I believe that Quincey’s loyalty to the group is questionable, since there are hints throughout the novel that he is a possible companion of Dracula. Although an undeveloped character, perhaps his death is justice done.

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At the other end of the spectrum, Stoker represents Dracula as a very Strong, masculine, and seductive figure in the novel. However, despite the fact that he is a vampire, Stoker still gives Dracula the same stereotype characteristics as men from the “Band of Brothers”. Dracula has both strengths and weaknesses, but the only thing to differentiate him from the band, is that he is the only male vampire in the book. Stoker has probably decided to do this because it presents him as more powerful and dominant over the other vampires.

Dracula has companions in his mission to reach England, and is not alone. In the epilogue, Jonathan Harker makes it clear that the status quo, which is before Dracula had any effect on their lives, is restored. Harker has now consummated his marriage, and can be seen as he now has a child, the others are happily married. The fact that the status quo is restored shows that their manhood is no longer dependant on their protective nature over the people they care about, but rather as providers for their families.

I believe that in Stoker has developed his male characters to represent different things, and this can be seen, as there are different personalities within the “Band of Brothers”. However, the characters are brought together because of the simple common need to protect their women, this is emphasised when Dr. Seward calls upon Van Helsing to help him in his exploration for a diagnosis for Lucy’s behaviour. Show preview only The above preview is unformatted text This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Bram Stoker section.

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