January 1910 – In Veracruz, a respectable middle class citizen, Sanatanón Rodriguez Palafox, supplies meat to a German hacienda owner, Robert Voigt. Voigt cheats him out of seven hundred pesos. When Sanatanón protests, the German arranges with the local jefe politico, for Sanatanón to be drafted. (Johnson,18) Madero travels to Sonora, where he meets José Maria Maytorena. Even though he is a Reyes supporter, Maytorena agrees to start a club of Sonoran Madero supporters. Madero leaves Sonora for Chihuahua, followed by 20 uniformed Rurales. (McCreary, 23)
February 1910 – Abraham González, chief of the Madero campaign in the state of Chihuahua, makes hisfirst contact with Pancho Villa. (Krauze, 307) Zapata drafted into the army (his second time) for “political activity,” but actually for stealing a young woman. Ignacio de la Torre, Diaz's son-in-law, arranges for his discharge, and employs Zapata as groom in his stables in Mexico City. (Womack, 62-63)
March 1910 – Colonel Angeles completes his commission to study methods of Artillery Application at Fontainbleu. He extends his stay for another year at the School of Ordnance, and participates on maneuvers with the French army. For his contributions, he is awarded the French Legion of Honor. (Slattery, 23) Maytorena reports to Madero that the political situation in Sonora is very repressive, and that he has made little headway in establishing a political club. Madero is touring Durango, Zacatecas and Aguascalientes. (McCreary, 25)
1910 – April. Madero officially enters the presidential race against Porfirio Diaz. Madero nominated for President by the Anti-Reelectionist Party Convention, 15th-18th. (Meyer) (Krauze) (Beezley) (Alba) Madero wins his party's nomination without attending the conventions because he was hiding from a warrant for his arrest. After the warrant is canceled, Madero has an interview with Diaz, arranged by the Gove…

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