Mexico is the Northern country in the narrow neck of land North and South
America. Language and a way of life are very similar to the countries in North America.
The people of Central and South America are often called "Latin Americans." This name
was given to people from some areas in America where Spanish, Portuguese or French is
Mexico's southern neighbors are Guatemala and Belize. Guatemala has a ancient
mayan culture that crosses the border into Mexico. Belize was ruled by the British until
1986, and English was the official language.
Mexico is the eleventh largest country in the world. Its over all population is 88
million people to be about. Mexico is the third largest country in Latin America after
Brazil and Argentina. Mexico is one of the youngest and fastest growing major nations in
the world. The National birth rate is now a major problem with the population growing
The National Holiday that every Mexican school child remembers is September
16, which is Independence Day for Mexico. Mexican Independence was finally
proclaimed by General Agustin de Iturbide in 1821.
The Mexicans typical dishes they ate were Enchiladas they are tortillas coated in
tomato and chili sauce, stuffed with vegetables, chicken or pork, then folded and baked.
Enchiladas are often fairly mild. Quesadillas they are tortillas stuffed with cheese, folded
and grilled. A simple dish served with beans and or a little salad. Another dish is the
Tamales there cornmeal, paste wrapped in corn or banana husks and often stuffed with
chicken, pork or turkey and vegetables.
In Mexico there are more orchids and cacti than any other single country and the
same may be true of bananas and chili peppers. There are 50 varieties of cacti and 100
kinds of chili peppers. The fruit and stems

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