Mexico is located in North America between the United States and Guatemala and is divided into 32 states.
This author is more familiar with the state of Guanajuato, which is situated in the center of Mexico. It is bordered by San Luis Potosi, Zacatecas, Jalisco, Queretaro, and Michoacan. Guanajuato is divided into 46 municipalities; some of the most important are Celaya, San Miguel Allende, Acambaro and Leon. Guanajuato's name originates from the word "Quanax-juato", which in indigenous dialect means "place of the frogs". It is also one of the most important historical and cultural colonial cities of Mexico. During prehispanic times, the region was inhabited by the "chichimeca" tribe. Thefirst invasion on this tribe by the Spanish was in 1541, which resulted on the founding of Guanajuato as a state. The Spaniards found gold and silver veins, in this region.
The current population in Guanajuato is about 4,406,568.The majority of them is young people under 30 years old.
In the economic field, the people living there have different kinds of jobs. For example, many women in small towns usually spend their time making tortillas .Then they go to the food market and sell them there. Other people such as husbands are building homes and infrastructure for the state. The traditional jobs in Guanajuato are based in agriculture; the most common crops are corn, wheat, sorghum, peanuts, beans, alfalfa, tomatoes, chili, squash and broad bean. In addition, this state produces fruits like guava, strawberries and pears. The young people usually work in textile plantsor helping their parents at home ,otherbusinessactivitiesthat are very importantare the manufacture of handicraftssuch asgarments ,jewelry, and home decorating items.
In tourism Guanajuato offers many places to visit in it's capital and colonial cities. For instance, Guanajuato City has interes

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