Mexico is our neighbor to the south. The United States was once part of Mexico. The country is a place for tourism and vacations for Americans for the people that live there its home.
Near the year 7000 B.C., Indians learned to grow plants for food. In time settled in villages. Those villages grew into towns. During the years 250 to 900 A.D., the Indians lived in the "Classic Period" in Mexican history.
Spain owned Mexico. For less then 300 years Mexico was a Spanish colony. That is why the language of Mexico is Spanish. In 1810, a man named Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla, a priest, started a fight for the independence of Mexico. He had many Indians and Mestizos who fought against Spain for him. The Spanish king taxed the people of Mexico for their revolt. Most of the people did not want independence. The Mexicans later won their independence when there were more Mexican fighters then Spanish. In 1821, Mexico became independent. That's a little bit of Mexico's history. Here is some other stuff about it.
Infant Mortality Rate: 24.52 deaths/1,00 live births
Literacy Rate: ages 15+ can read and right
Mexico adopted a Constitution. In the years 1942-1945 Mexico entered World War II for the Allied Powers. In 1953, women won the right to vote.
One of the most famous Mexican writers was Octavio Paz. He was a poet. In 1990 he became thefirst Mexican to win a Nobel Prize in literature.
Mexican music is very unique. Some instruments used in Mexican music are flutes, marimbas, and guitars. The music is called "Folk Dance". "La Bamba" is a folk dance song, which was made into a rock song by Richie Valens.
The most popular sport in Mexico is Soccer. Mexico has a World Cup soccer team that did very good at the 1998 Worl

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