“Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry” is a gripping novel based on a family who live in Mississippi in the 1930’s. Throughout the novel Racism and injustices are a regular occurrence, this is the picture that is portrayed throughout the novel of what Mississippi was like in the thirties. The story is told through the eyes of a 9-year-old girl called Cassie Logan. Cassie and her three brothers, Stacey, Christopher John, and little man, are constant victims of racial views. They recognise most injustices and occasionally they plot ways of getting revenge.

In the early 1930s there seemed to be a severe problem with racism in the south of the USA. The novel concentrates on the state of Mississippi. In the Southern states of the USA, the worst effect of racism in my opinion was how the law turns a blind eye to the doings of the Whites against Blacks. Mildred Taylor portrayal of Mississippi in the thirties late thirties towards black people was told touchingly, it tells and gives us a clear understanding to how they were treated and how prejudices was at the time and the wittingly rights were between the races.

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A serious flaw in the community was the difference between the standard of education between Blacks and Whites. We imagine a school to be a secure and safe place and when we first begin school we like to have new books, this was all a dream for the black children in those days, but it was a reality for the white children. In the novel by Mildred Taylor, the black children attend a school, which is far less equipped than Jefferson Davis is, which is the school of the white children. The black school is called Great Faith.

The school is run-down and greatly deprived of essential resources and maintenance. This reflects on the lives and out come of the pupil, as the school can only teach to a certain level, the black dropout rate (which really can’t be called drop out because they don’t have much choice) is very high compared to that of the Whites. Predigest and racism of the state is highlighted through out the book, and is part of the black people’s every day life! However In education racism shouldn’t really be a big issue, however it is.

Everything between the two schools (the white and blacks) are totally opposite, what one has the other doesn’t! The black children are divided when it comes to there education, not only by lack of resources and lack of teachers, but the fact that there schooling terms depend on the agricultural development of there families, are they are required during cropping season to help out, this in a way neglecting and putting aside there education! Nonetheless that the black school does not have the same privileges and aquadate schooling standards (wealth) of the white school, their provisions are good.

They have a rule that if a child does not pass its exams, they are not allowed to move upto the next grade! This being harsh but none the less a good rule, to make sure the children do well in their education. When it comes to education racism shouldn’t be an issue, but it is, the blacks are so unfortunate. They are treated unfairly, like there studies don’t really matter, having second hand books that’s have been passed down for years (coming from the while schools) that are in a terrible condition.

Resentfully there isn’t much hope for the black school. It is situated in a ghetto area with cramped cuttlered and confined class rooms, the school Is partly funded by the local church, as the government have turned a blind eye on the black community and there needs. The pupil teacher ratio is evidently high, with doubling up of class due to a deficiency in teachers. The two schools really contradict one another. Jefferson Davis is in a pleasant surrounding, even having two Mississippi flags positioned in the most promenade place.

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