Manwatching’ is set in a more modern time than ‘Cousin Kate’. This poem ‘Manwatching’ is set in the time span of around one day whereas ‘Cousin Kate’ is nearly a whole lifetime. This poem is about a man and his girlfriend and another pretty girl. A man sees a girl he is attracted to. He watches her with his possessive eyes. The girlfriend wonders if she is imagining his silent messages, but she is not, it is really happening. Then the stranger looks across at him and telegraphs her flirtatious reply. This means they are communicating via code, the girl is sending flirtatious messages to him with her eyes.

The man’s girlfriend recognises this secret code because it is not the first time it has happened. The pretty stranger is a threat to the man’s girlfriend, and she feels powerless because there is nothing she can do to stop it from happening. She is calm on the outside but her eyes burn into his back, while her insides shout with rage, this shows hatred by saying her eyes are burning with hate and it shows how she feels about his behaviour, but she is frustrated because she can’t do anything about it. The pretty stranger is sly because she weaves her way towards him, turning on a bewitching smile.

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This suggests that she is a witch and she could weave spells etc. These lines are an occult of lexical set. It is suggesting things about the rival girl. I cannot see your face, but you are mesmerised I expect. This means to hypnotise someone like a witches spell on her boyfriend. You turn and meet my accusing stare head on. He pretends that he is innocent. Her eyes follow yours, meet mine and then slide away. This is slithery and snake like. This shows that she did not like the boy enough to try and win him from his girlfriend. The man says he is bored so they go.

They pass girl in the hall and the man’s girlfriend says “bye” frostily. She is being sarcastic and mocking her and boasting. She also feels cold towards her. She has triumphed over the other woman because she went away with him. She supposed that he winked at her because she knows what he is like. She knows that it is not over and it won’t stop. COMPARISONS AND DIFFERENCES BETWEEN “COUSIN KATE AND MANWATCHING Some comparisons between the two poems “Cousin Kate” and “manwatching” are: – They are both triangular situations, which is where there is one man and two women.

Both of the poems are about problems with relationships. In “Cousin Kate” the cottage maiden and the lord had an affair and that was ended because of the cottage maiden’s cousin, Kate. The lord was attracted to her so they got married. Another comparison is that both of the poems had people watching other people. In “Cousin Kate” the lord was watching the cottage maiden and then later on in the poem he was watching cousin Kate and in “Manwatching” the man was watching the pretty stranger and she was also watching him.

There is also unfaithfulness in both of these poems. In cousin Kate the lord is unfaithful to the cottage maiden and cousin Kate is also unfaithful to her cousin the cottage maiden. Some differences between the two poems “Cousin Kate” and “Manwatching” are: – In “Cousin Kate” the cottage maiden thought that everything was going to be fine, but in “Manwatching” she could tell what was going to happen because it had happened many times before.

Another difference between the two poems is in “Cousin Kate” the couple broke up but in “Manwatching” they ended up staying together. Another difference is “Manwatching” is a modern poem because there is a party and they have telegraphs whereas “Cousin Kate” is an old archaic poem. Another difference is that “Manwatching” is a short story time; it is about one day long whereas “Cousin Kate” is almost a whole lifetime. The final difference between “Manwatching” and “Cousin Kate” is that there are no stanzas and there is no rhyming.

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