Modern liberalism was a result of societies that did not want to favor the individual or the group which often resulted in inequality, lack of fairness and abuse of power. All of which spilled into the lives of people economically, politically and socially.  Modern liberalism is founded on the idea of having a strong balance in society weighing the individual and the collective as fairly as possible. With the birth of modern liberalism, societies have developed values that ensure this political ideal is upheld in every aspect of society.  It involves significant government intervention and wants to create equal opportunity for all. Many values have sprung out from this ideology, however, in my opinion, I believe that strong economic equality, social programs and human rights are the most important to uphold for modern liberalism to be appreciated by everyone to its full extent.  These three values are fundamental to attaining a solid foundation of modern liberalism in society.           Economic equality ensures everyone has equal opportunity in order to enjoy quality of life. Its purpose is to prevent citizens from facing inadequacies in employment and business, with no prejudice.  Historically, economic discrimination had harmed the moral fabric of hardworking citizens who did not receive fair treatment for the same value of work where certain individuals received significantly more.  This oftentimes would result in workplace issues that would ultimately harm institutions, businesses, etc. Canada imposed equalization payments that are given to economically challenged provinces which assists in providing fairness and opportunities for all Canadians. The more financially strong provinces do not receive these payments and are titled the “enough provinces” by the Federal Government. The Federal Government gives out equalization payment to provinces, while the Candian territories are not included, they have their own Territorial Formula Financing program. Also, for people who are in an income bracket that is high are taxed more for the purpose of distributing wealth which assist Government services such as Health, Education, Social Services, etc. Canada strives to strike a clear balance of fairness and equality along with equal opportunity for every citizen and this can only be achieved through this avenue which undoubtedly has alleviated a great deal of social problems.           Social programs were created to make a more equitable distribution of wealth and assistance in society. In Canada, these programs are meant to alleviate poverty by providing a monthly payment to people with little to no income and are designed to give assistance to citizens outside what the market provides. Some examples of these programs are unemployment insurance, which gives payments to people who are unemployed. Child tax benefits are provided to assist low income parents with the cost of raising children 18 and under. From my experience, my family benefits significantly, often times meaning food on our table and clothes on our backs. A benefit that I have witnessed assisting many extended known relations within my community. Many families would be in dire situations if this benefit was not in place. The government also provides training and resources for people to utilize for success and future employment.  These social programs are a lifeline for many people and would definitely result in a very hard and difficult life for many if they were not in place.          Human rights are basic rights and freedoms that are guaranteed to all human beings, often held to include the rights to life, liberty, equality, and a fair trial, freedom from slavery and torture, and freedom of thought and expression. Societies and countries that do not uphold or recognize these fundamental rights have citizens living in fear and are oftentimes tortured with no protections. Human rights are fundamental to a quality of life for all people. An organization that uphold these human rights is the United Nations, that made promoting and protection of human rights a key purpose and guiding principle of their organization. History and contemporary societies that failed to recognize the value of human needs reflect a society that and are unable to be progressive in an authentic way which diminishes the human spirit. What I personally think is that human rights are very important because it is the ultimate goal for many. It also brings a huge of amount of liberal governments to work together internationally, such as economically punishing countries that are accused of abusing human rights. Many non-governmental organizations have also began to emerge to promote and protect human rights. For example, amnesty international is a NGO that is a worldwide movement of people who campaign for internationally recognizing human rights for all. These human rights are very important to everyone because that what it means to be a human and are what we get for being human.          So in the question above, it is asked what values are most important to modern liberalism. I gave three reasons which are economic equality, social programs, and human rights that all contribute to the foundations of modern liberalism. While this government does involve significant government intervention, it likes to include people’s rights in political and economic systems in a society. With these reasons I believe that everyone benefits overall and that what make this a good government, and creates equal opportunity for all.

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