A messenger comes from Modred to Arthur with an ultimatum. Arthur must either leave the land, in which case there will be no fight, or he must fight Mordred. Arthur chooses the latter option, believing it is too late to turn back. Arthur's men are doing a good job with all of the fighting. His men are on the run. King Kaberentin of Cornwell breaks rank and attacks the enemy with the fourth battalion. Mordred sends two more battalions to counter-attack, and King Aguisant takes the fifth battalion into battle. Arthur takes his battalion and charges Mordreds'. I don't understand why there was so much fighting back then. That definitely shows that we are born violent and not necessarily taught.
Many of Arthur's knight fall dead. Finally, Arthur and Mordred meet, Mordred is dead, but not before Mordred mortally wounds Arthur. Arthur goes to the chapel and prays. Again, I don't understand why is he praying he knows he's going to die eventually. Arthurs court is no longer needed, and disappears from the world. It is just Girflet and King Arthur left Girflet is dismissed. Why do they call their house of prayer the "Black Chapel"?
So now King Arthur is dead but not before a boat of women come and take him away? Why? What is the point of that? Why don't they have women fight? I guess because the guys fought like maniacs back then.
The names got really confusing after a while, so, Hector, Lancelot, and Lionel are brothers. Gawain in Jerusalem killed King Baudegamis during the quest for the Holy Grail. (pg. 24)Bors is Hector, Lancelot, and Lionel's cousin. They were all knights in Arthur' court. Gawain is Arthur's nephew. Because there are so many people in this story it is very confusing to stay up on it.

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