These lines show that the monster does have a conscience and after all does have love for the person who created him. All he ever wanted was a bit of attention, which can be supported by the fact that the monster encourages Victor to follow him once he committed the murder of Elizabeth: Follow me; I seek the everlasting ices of the north, where you will feel the misery of cold and frost to which I am impassive… Come on, my enemy; (Volume 3, Chapter 7, p208)

The monster is born into the story as innocent creature with an abnormal figure. As he is abandoned by his creator, Victor, he has to grow up during his tender years by himself. But due to his abhorrent countenance, he is rejected by civilisation where ever he goes. Nonetheless he is keen to become like humans and be accepted, so he slowly learns about how to live and speak by observing the De Lacy family. However when he reveals himself to them, his horrific look scares them and causes them to violently beat him. This ignites anger within him to avenge the person who created him, and from this point onwards he adopts more monstrous characteristics.

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In pursuit for revenge, the monster kills William, and when he is cheated by Victor over the production of a female for himself, he murders both Henry and Elizabeth. Nevertheless, the monster does express grief over the death of Victor and repentance for his crimes, showing that the monster does have a conscience. All the monster ever wanted, was to lead a normal life where he was loved by somebody and accepted into society. But the prejudice that people had over his look never let this to be, and led him to despise his creator.

After looking at both Victor and the monster as a character, I believe that Victor Frankenstein is of greater monstrosity. I have come to this conclusion because despite having a perfect childhood, an abundance of money and numerous qualities in life, Victor turns evil and monstrous in greed for glory. However the monster turns monstrous due to the actions of someone else (Victor); he is angered by the fact that his creator made him ugly and did not want to help him survive once he was created.

Victor also fails to accept responsibility. Once he had created the monster, he had to realise it was just like a new life entering the world. It is the creator’s duty to look after the new born, and guide it until it was able to manage by itself. Yet Victor just does not care about what happens to the monster, as it is of irregular shape and figure. In my view, this is just like abandoning a new born child because it looks unusual.

Even though the monster commits more serious crimes than Victor, I believe that Victor is still more monstrous as his crimes had no reason behind them. What did the monster do to make Victor abandon him? Whereas the monster commits his crimes because he is robbed of love and cheated by Victor. Till the very end of Victor’s life, he does not learn from his mistakes and realise that pursuing a desire is not always worth it. As a result, he loses virtually all his immediate family and his life. However, the monster realises that what he has done was wrong and expresses genuine sorrow. Therefore I continue to believe that Victor is more monstrous. Word Count: 2,703 words.

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