Moreover, the relationships between friendship also plays an important role in both Marie-Laure and Robert’s lives. Marie-Laure and Madame Manec’s friendship becomes an important part of Marie-Laure’s development. Manec is a mother-figure to Marie-Laure, she gives her the qualities of a mother and also her protector when “everything is fine but things do not feel fine (Doerr 227-228). Manec provides Marie-Laure with everything she needs, as if she is her true guardian. Similarly, when Robert hears that Harris is in the hospital, he “leaves on behalf of Harris with whom he’d become close friends.” (Findley 94). Harris is one of his important people in his life after Rowena death and would do anything for him to help him get through his sickness. Before Manec passes away, she is able to forget her illness “and lived her entire life, and died” (Doerr 207). She spends most of her quality time with Marie-Laure or Etienne believing that “this is the reason why she lives” (Doerr 366). Manec knew that she was going to die at one point because of her illness but still continued to go on living her life with the closest people to her and is able to live her life to the fullest. Furthermore, Robert would spend hours in the hospital that “were made worthwhile whenever Harris woke and smiled” (Findley 93). Robert stays by Harris’s side through his whole time at the hospital, making Harris smile even through this rough time of his life. Though Robert and Harris did not know each other very long, their love for each other is like a brotherly love than just friends and when Harris came into his life, Robert never leaves Harris’s side as if he is apart of Robert’s family. Additionally, Marie-Laure loses a mother-figure and an influencer on Marie-Laure’s development and teaches her the importance of life. Manec gives Marie-Laure an important advice to “never stop believing. That’s the most important thing” (Doerr 292). Manec always inspires Marie-Laure so much about life, enables Marie-Laure to believe that she can find happiness through anything which she finds later on in her life. Furthermore, Robert and Harris have an unusual close relationship but cares for him alot. Robert is by Harris’s hospital bed and as “Harris opened his eyes – smiled they way he always did when he woke – and waved. Thank you, he said. And died” (117). Findley making another important character leaving Robert’s life helps him to become stronger. Though Robert loses both Rowena and Harris, it is not easy for Robert to move on but he grieves through this and realizes that should spend his time alive worth a living. Ultimately, these two characters loses close friendships that helps them to believe there is a chance in finding happiness while grieving through loss.

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