Morocco is living in an era with favorable demographic characteristics,
yet this opportunity is not seized due to low activity rate, especially for
women. Actually, qualification level is still below standards and expectations,
as 6 off 10 of people that have 15 years old and more, they have no
qualification, and 30,7% are analphabet.

In terms of social insurance, despite the effort of government in the
last decade, the rate of covered population is still low, especially with the
disparities between public and private sector. In worse case, there is no
social protection for independent workers and for unformal economy sector.

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SNE is willing to make human capital a major factor for production and
for economic growth that generates decent employment and suitable
opportunities. To do so, SNE works closely with the education key individuals
in order to have a qualifies manpower, by renovating the education system and
making it more equitable and open with better quality of profiles that are
flexible to the market of employment. Social protection is also an improvement
for SNE, as the objective is to cover a larger spectrum of workers.

Improve efficiency of job programs and strengthen
the job market intermediation

For this
strategic axe, SNE is willing to strengthen the current plan of employment and
make it larger to be covering other categories of population, especially in
term of age and gender differences. As intermediation of job market is one of
SNE pillars, it is seeking for to improve the services offered to employees by
deploying the social protection at the national level, for concerned workers’
categories. This intermediation will be enhancing the partnership between
public and private sectors. Also, SNE will encourage the creation of employment
by offering attractive measure such as reducing and/or canceling social charges
for some companies.

Develop governance of job market

In order to improve the governance of job market, SNE
will apply the convention of investment that stipulates for generalization and
automatization of advantages granting, integrating the incentive disposal in
the common right at the fiscal level, and giving the enterprises the
possibility to build, in tax free, provisions for investment, and to benefit
from a degressive depreciation scheme.

Finally, there will be improvement of business law
with the adoption of a law concerning the economic interest group. This law
provides advantages to companies to make easier rapid mobilization or resources
in order to achieve projects of common interest.

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