‘The Fury’ is a story which shows Mr and Mrs Fletcher who have an argument about Mr Fletcher being seen with another woman which results in her making Mr Fletcher leave, and when he leaves she doesn’t think he’s going to come back so she kills the one thing that Mr Fletcher spends all his time with and keeps her and her husband apart, his rabbits. But then that evening Mr Fletcher comes back to apologise and tells his wife what really happened that night at the bus stop with the other woman, and Mrs Fletcher realises how stupid she was killing the rabbits.

She doesn’t tell him that night what she has done but instead enjoys what may be the last night she has with her husband. ‘A Bit Of A Commotion’ tells the story of Harry Gravener who is a bad time keeper and gets his last warning from work, so he decides to turn over a new leaf. On the morning he decides to do this an old woman gets knocked down which makes him late for work so he decides to go home, but when he gets home to find his wife Phyllis still in and accusing him of not being able to do any thing right.

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He hits her and that morning she leaves him, but he thinks she’ll be back hat night. Later that evening when Phyllis doesn’t come back so he goes to the pub and finds out that it was his boss’s grandmother who was knocked down and the bus station that morning and he realises he could have still kept his job and wife. ‘The Fury’ story is written in third person narrative and set around the 1950. You get an idea of the time the story was set from the language used, for example ‘owt’ and ‘summat’ which are used often in the dialogue.

Mrs Fletcher is a traditional housewife, She comes across as a jealous, passionate and possessive wife and she shows this when she kills the rabbits. She has also fought off other women which shows she is aggressive and violent, and the title ‘The Fury’ is in her as she also shows when she is slicing the potatoes, knitting and smashes the vase. Although Mrs Fletcher has arguments with her husband she likes to keep her problems private and she does this by not letting Mrs Sykes know how she feels, ‘she felt a strong desire to abuse him in her talk, but pride held her tongue.

‘ She also does and says things she regrets like telling Jim to leave ‘go to her. Tell her I sent you. Tell her I’ve had enough of you. ‘ And also killing the rabbit shows this. Despite this she does love her husband but she feels insecure as he’s had an affair in the past and also because she’s based her life around him. The story is written in first person narrative and set around the 1950 you get an idea of the time the story was set from the language used, for example ‘owt’ and ‘summat’ which are used often in the story. Mr Fletcher works as a railway porter, and his hobby is breeding rabbits.

He avoids arguments and is laid back and this is shown at the bus station ‘she got proper nasty towards the end. Started shoutin’ and swearin’, right in the street. It was awful. ‘ And he also shows this with Mrs Fletcher when he walks out after the argument and also when he comes back to apologise ‘he closed the door and stood sheepishly behind it, his eyes avoiding hers. ‘ He seems to love her even though he’s had an affair and he shows this when ‘what a great fool, I’d been ever to risk losing all that mattered for a brazen baggage like her.

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