The reasons I want to attend Oklahoma Summer Arts Institute are the fact of dancing for two weeks straight.The chance to be able to express myself in my dancing compels me to audition for this institute. My three favorite artists, Maria Tallchief, Anna Pavlova, and Leonide Massine inspire me to dance as best that I can to hopefully end up like they did. Maria Tallchief made her debut in 1942 with the performance in corps de ballet of the Ballet Russe de Monte Carlo. At the age of 22 she became a prima ballerina when she made a guest appearance with the
Paris Opera.Not only did her impressive dancing appeal to me, but the fact that she was born in Oklahoma did, too. That fact makes me realize that even I could become a great dancer one day.Along with Miss Tallchief, I enjoy the ability of Anna Pavlova. She is most remembered for the solo performance in The Swan which was choreographed especially for her.She was thefirst Russian star to dance in other European countries. What caught my attention was her grace
unconditional grace that she had even when dancing extremely difficult pieces. Lastly, I delight in Leonide Massine’s wonderful characteristics when he dances. His production of Gaite Parisienne, in which he danced and staged, was a majestic
performance. In addition to the inspiration of these fine dancers, I wish to attend the Oklahoma Summer Arts Institute this summer.

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