My research is about human trafficking and what I wanted to discuss the most common human trafficking ways, since it was a board subject and they are many ways a person can get sold for.  I wanted to talk about the most common one which are sex trafficking, child sex trafficking, forced labor, and debt bonage.  Those are just the common one while there are still more ways to traffick people like domestic servitude, agricultural work , manufacturing, janitorial services, hotel services, construction, health and elder care, hair and nail salons, prostitution, and strip club dancing are other ways to traffick people.  While there are many more ways to traffick off people I just wanted to name the common ones.  Forced labor is when the parents give their kid up for adoption because of money issues and then that child is sold to a sweatshop, where they are to work hours a day without no pay.  Sex trafficking is when it is usually a women that is tricked with a job offering and is forced into prostitution while their captor controls the money they make, so while the captor is making the money those women have to do things they never wanted.  Debt bondage is people forced to do labor or other things to pay off the money the owe or bad things will happen to them and their loved ones.  Child sex trafficking is usually when a child runs away from home and is living on the streets, later is seduced by a pimp who gets him to participate in a prostitution ring and handles all the profits that come from that child.  Now that isn’t even all the information on the topic of human trafficking this is only a little piece of information out of tons.  History for each forms of trafficking is different.  It has to start for somewhere and then evolved into its own form, but what those all have in common is they started because of the same thing.  It goes all the way back to the 1400’s when the British joined in on a slave trade in Africa and in the 1600’s other countries became more involved in the European slave trade.  The countries were North American, South America , Holland, and Spain.  Later in 1904 the International Agreement for the Suppression of White Slave Traffic was signed and put in action.  The main purpose of this was to stop women, old and young, to stop from being forced in the slave traffic.  What white slavery meant was forcing  a white women or girl into prostitution or the porn industry. Some of these girls were forced to join the porn industry from when they were in slavery  and they would get paid for making these videos with other people..  Some people argue that law was only there to prevent the women from finding jobs.  Either way they stands as a moral actions against the trafficking of women.  In 1927 the League of Nations was founded after the WWI, and had wanted to continue world peace and get more attention on the issue such as human trafficking.  The Suppression of White Slave Traffic was changed to traffic in women and children.  They didn’t want to discriminate anyone because it was happening to people no matter what race.  They also did studies on the East and West side to find the status of trafficking and where they were at so they would prevent it from happening.  They took everything little detail into consideration like women engaged in prostitution, the demand, and the surrounding environment.  The league of nations really put a step towards gaining more insight about the issue of human trafficking.  During World War 2 , Japan set up a really really bad  system where all women in Asia were forced into slavery and they did not have a choice. They all had to go into slavery. The women were out in “comfort stations” which were a small cubicle with wire around it so they can’t leave.  Due to the conditions they were in many women died of disease, malnutrition, exhaustion, suicide, and many other things.  The Government of Japan set up the stations that would prevent rape in public, prevent any type of sexual disease and give comfort to the soldiers so that they wouldn’t t tell the military secrets.

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