This shows that Eddie is a very evil, egoistic, and selfish man who doesn’t car about anyone except for himself . We added a soliloquy. In this Eddie faces up to Rodolfo and says punch me come on, if you punch me I can punch you and get my revenge. ” This helped us to understand what he is thinking and gives us a clearer view of his character. When Rodolfo hits Eddie at the end we marked the moment of the punching by using slow motion. This helped us emphasise the point. In this section we learn more about Marco’s character and how he is prepared and will stick up for his brother Rodolfo.

Marco makes his point to Eddie at the end of act one by picking up a chair over his head to prove he is stronger than Eddie. Marco proves to Eddie that he is better than him. He picks up the chair with one hand. At the end of this scene Marco smiles to show that he has won. Eddies grin on his face vanishes and this shows and satisfies Marcos that his point has gotten across to Eddie. Marco is also implying that this is a warning and if Eddie hurts Rodolfo he will have Marco to answer to.

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We acted the end of act one using dialogue instead of the stage directions. This made me think more as it is quite difficult to imagine what the characters would be saying. After completing this exercise I understood what the characters would be saying and feeling much more. In the third section we discussed gestures, facial expression and tones of voice, and how they were used to express comparisons between Eddie and Beatrice. Eddie constantly has a very strong forceful and angry facial expression whereas Beatrice has a calmer expression.

Beatrice’s tone of voice is much smoother and quieter than eddies as his is much more loud and aggressive. At the end this changes as Beatrice learns how to stand up for her self. Whilst acting in this scence despite improvisation we also added angels and devils into the scene. The angels and devils try to guide the characters. In this case they are guiding Catherine, Eddie and Beatrice. The angel tells Beatrice to support and be there for everyone. Beatrice takes eddies side towards the end and decides not to go to Catherine’s wedding.

Using angels and devils helped us recognise the development of the relationship between Eddie and Beatrice. Eddie is constantly trying to ask Beatrice to be by his side and make sure she doesn’t go off on the wrong path. Whereas Beatrice thinks about everyone as a whole trying and she is trying to support everyone. I think Beatrice is like the skeleton and she is holding the relationships together. In the majority of the play tension lies between Eddie and Beatrice, this helped the play develop and made it more interesting.

They were constantly arguing and there relationship was never stable. Combining and using all the techniques that I have learnt has helped me a lot in understanding the play and characters, I think these three exam sessions have helped me a lot. I now know how to analyse scripts and how to think like the characters in the play. Simren Jasal Show preview only The above preview is unformatted text This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Arthur Miller section.

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