Nail art is basically a creative way to decorate and embellish the nails. This art work can be done on both fingernails and toenails, generally after nail spa. It’s a unique way to beautify you. There are assorted techniques to jazz up your nails with exclusive nail art decor. Even a simple nail art, adds a touch of glamour and class to your casual looks.

It has achieved hell lot of popularity and now is trending part of fashion. So what are you waiting for? Get yours now! Revamp those pale, dull nails with these gorgeous DIY nail art designs, and be the talk of the town.

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Below are some easy nail art designs that can be easily done at comfort of home.1.      French Art It is one of the oldest techniques of nail art and is adopted and loved by almost every woman happily.  If this art is done properly with appropriate methods, then the results you get will be very clean and sophisticated. In Acrylic French nail designs; the base of the nail is kept normal (natural colour) and the tips of the nail are decorated with white nail colour. French nail art gives a woman classy, elegant, feminine and stylish look. You can make a perfect look with French nail art designs and traditional or western dresses. This art is way too costly when done by professionals. You can do it at home with ordinary nail paints and save money. 1.      Nail Art Decals and StickersIt’s an all-new “funky way” to embellish your nails beautifully. This nail art takes non-considerable efforts. There is a great assortment of these stickers and decals available in the market. However, one should know the correct placement of these stickers or decals properly on the nails.  “Proper care of nails is required to give a healthy and tidy look. To make them more attractive give them a gracious look with nail art and designs”                                                                           2.     Stencil Nail Art One can use stencils as DIY nail art method. The stencils are implanted on the dry coat of nail paint and act as the background for the image of the stencil. Then, the entire nail is painted with different coloured nail paint. After some time, when the paint dries, the stencil is removed. As a result, the pattern similar to the stencil is obtained.1.     
Marble Nail Art and Design TechniqueGone are the days when women
were satisfied with normal simple paints. These days, this mind-blowing
technique of beautifying the nails has taken place in the market. This marbling
technique of nail art is implemented by adding nail polish into a tub of water
and slightly churning (moving in a twisting pattern). As a result of it, you
get a cool-looking marble effect on your nails by dipping fingers in the water.
Usually, this technique of nail art looks tricky but it’s simple once you get
hands on it!Marble nail art designs don’t take much time, all you require is water and
nail colour of your choice!2.    
Nail ArtThis nail art is relatively simple
to do yourself. So this can be considered as the simplest way of DIY nail art
and design. At first, a base colour is applied to the nails. Then, the small
pieces of the tape are applied to those areas of nails which are to be left in
the base colour itself. After this, the next coat of the colour is applied to
the whole nail. Lastly, take away the tape gently. 


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