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                                                                                                Date: 1/31/18

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RNSG 1301



Title: Chasing Zero



Topic: Prevent Healthcare




zero is a documentary that is meant to inform and explain the major problems
with healthcare. It talks about how all these mistakes could have been avoided
if the system would have better quality. This documentary is also to enlighten the
public and the health care providers how these mistakes can be prevented. The
objective of this documentary was to help prevent and decrease the deaths
involving healthcare harm. It is believed that these mistakes could have been avoided
with a better-quality system and this information presented could lead to
healthcare harm to zero.


Preventable errors made in medical situations; Unintended
physical injury resulting from or contributed to by medical care, that requires
additional monitoring, treatment or hospitalization, or that results in death;
includes the idea that the harm is “identifiable” in that it can be
attributed to medical care and “modifiable” in that it is possible to

Examples of Preventable
Harm: The overdose of Heparin on Quaid’s twins due to the
similarities between the containers of the different doses of Heparin. Sheridan’s
boy’s brain damage caused by extreme jaundice as a baby- kernicterus.

Healthcare Harm related to safe
practices: Enforcement of National Quality Form (NQF) safe practices
guidelines- practices that work.

Leadership: Leaders who take
risks and confront their fear to drive adoption of best practices & invest
in technologies that make it easier to be safe- engaged leaders.

Technology: Scanners and
barcodes used with patients and their medications- implement the practices with
great technologies that make it easier to be safe.

Reducing Health Care Errors

The use of chlorhexidine with alcohol
prep used to reduce the rate of infections by 40%- saving 2-4,000 dollars.

·       Computer
prescriber order entry allows doctors and other caregivers to
automatically check for accurate dosage, allergies, and drug interactions when
prescribing medications for their patients, otherwise it is a manual paper
process with no safety net; CPOE flight simulator= lets hospitals get a sense
of how good the checks for problems are around medications when the doctor is
ordering medications.


film was made targeting the bad systems we have and there were patients that
were victims. This system also caused the people that had to resign from their
profession to avoid jail because they made a mistake dealing with a faulty
system. This film was to make caregivers and consumers a head up and prevent
the mistakes to happen again.  

Questions:  (minimum of 4



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