Name: Robert Bennett Instructor: Prof. Woodard Course:   English 1301Date: 11/22/2017Smith and Kellerman on First Take The media was in an uproar following the 2016 season. One of the league’s preiminate talents was traded via request after losing in a championship series. Talks amongst nearly every sports network took on this topic, among these networks, ESPN took on the news in every dimension possible, most importantly debating.In a recent past, there was a heated debate between the ESPN’s First Take personalities and Kyrie Irving. Both Smith and Kellerman tried cornering Kyrie to unearth some truths about his unjustified departure from Cleveland, after inviting himself to clear the air. . However, they ended, perhaps, more puzzled than before (Steinberg). Their experience with Kyrie was perhaps the most bizarre in their profession. At times, Kellerman got fried perhaps due to his personalities. Was he getting too personal with the matters? His persistence with his agitated questioning, seeming highly unsatisfied with the evasive echoing of Irving. The interviewee dismissed him arguing that his speech is senseless and that it was none of his business (Steinberg). On the other hand, Smith, though not much more successful, he got some tangible information through the short answers he got. The most effective solution towards the debate of the Kyrie Irving trade is ensuring that the media house interviewer understands that he/she is the host of the show; he/she owns the platform and interviewee dictates should not feature at all. He should also be creative, observant and polite. It takes an expert to drive the most confidential information from an interviewee.That is evident from the success of Stephen Smith in the debate. It is quite clear that Stephen Smith won the debate. First, he is a replica of what I could refer to as an effective media personality. I think that he has had a relationship with Irving since his collegiate career, as he proclaimed that this has always been his way of speaking. Second, Smith did not disappoint when it came to the debate sessions. Ideally, he read the minds of the viewers and acted accordingly to satisfy them (Gerber). Smith carried underlying information on the matter, being a long-time analyst of the league, Smith was well aware of things inside the locker room, inside practice facilities, court side mannerisms, and beyond. The way Kyrie was treated was almost as if he were “little brother or son ,” Smith once said.Third, Smith did not let his interviewees dominate the debate works to ensure that only the desired information is given (Gerber). He asked short answer question that enabled him get tangible information from Kyrie Irving and thus winning the debate.Refutation: On the contrary, Max Kellerman hardly appeals to my senses despite the fact that he has also been in the media houses for long. I have nothing against him, but honestly, I do not like his impoliteness in some cases. He was extremely persistent and that making the interviewee agitated by his questions. He thus ended up losing the debate and was unable to get any important information from Irving in the debate. Conclusion: Conclusively, it is clear that media house interviewers work in a highly competitive environment characterized by tight time schedules, limited space, decisions and expectations by their directors and the listeners and viewers. This ultimately determines what ought to be said in a given debate. The ESPN First Take Show has been on the air for quite some long with employees being fired day in day out. However, Smith is quite exceptional and outstanding than the others due to his effective media personality, reading the mind of the audience and not allowing the interviewee dominate the debate.     Works CitedGerber, Scott. Traits every successful social media manager should have. 23 April 2015. 15 November 2017.  Steinberg, Dan. Kyrie Irving really wasn’t buying what ‘First Take’ was selling. 18 September 2017. 15 November 2017.  

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