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Ways to Save Our Ocean

            While human depends on the oceans for variety goods and
services, the oceans have been altered and impaired both directly and
indirectly. A Global Map of Human Impact on Marine Ecosystems reveals that
human activities have strongly affected approximately 40% of the marine area
and have left only about 4% relatively pristine. What
if the blue fades away as seawaters become brown and coral reefs become white,
as marine grasslands wither and life below water vanishes? Therefore, the ocean
should be saving to ensure it more last longer.

of all, the way to save our ocean is to reduce the use of plastics. Plastic
involves a vast extent of the marine debris and the assortment and amount of
plastic things has expanded drastically (Judith, 2015, p. 43). A study
undertaken by the World Economic Forum, the Ellen MacArthur Foundation and
McKinsey and Company showed the scale of the breakdown in the global plastic
system. From  the 78 million tons of
plastic packaging produced annually, there is 32% flow into our oceans. At the
moment, only 14% of global plastic packaging is collected for recycling and
only 2% is reused as packaging (James.P,
2016). Therefore, 3Rs activity should be more effective as that it is nearly
impossible to truly cleanup. One should reduce the amount of pre-packaging
foods and plastic bags that buy invest in reusable plastic items and recycle
the plastic as much as we can. The collaborative campaign by Lonely Whale
Foundation #StopSucking challenge should be accepted as straws are among the
most widely recognized plastic things volunteers clean from shorelines. The development across the nation to prevent plastic
straws from contaminating oceans took off after a video of an ocean turtle with
a straw stuck in its nose became a web sensation online in 2015. The implementation
of government regulation should take action. For example, France has evidently
turned into the principal nation in the world to boycott plastic items, passing
a law that will become effective in 2020. (James McAuley, 2016). In brief, the
usage of plastic should be reduce by 3Rs activity, #StopSucking challenge and
minimize usage of plastic bag.

the other hand, go greener is another way to save our ocean. Carbon footprint
are assume as a critical part in the
production of greenhouse gasses. The impact of carbon footprint will cause the
rising of ocean temperatures, increase in water levels and an ascent in the pH level of the sea. These impacts
represent a risk to the survival of the ocean’s fauna and flora (Marike.L,
2016). The carbon footprint is a measure of the total amount of carbon dioxide
emitted directly and indirectly caused by an activity or accumulated over the
life stages of a product. (International, 2014). One can minimize
the amount of CO2 released in daily activity by power down and switch sources.
The planets ocean will still be continuously damaged owing to the acid created
by dissolving carbon dioxide. There are four key places to cut down the carbon,
which are transportation, energy, food, individuals’ responsibility. For
transportation, walk, bike, take the bus, or carpool to the destinations and reducing
the mileage of the new car or choose an electric vehicle; for energy, use the
more energy-efficient appliances. For example, switch to compact fluorescent
light bulbs. Hence, for food, make the most of seasonal foods; buy sustainable
seafood and composting all organic waste; for individuals’ responsibility,
green the house, schools and office and have a big impact. To sum up, go
greener by power down and switch sources are one of the ways to save our ocean.
(David. S, 2017)

way to save our ocean is be fish friendly. Scientists estimate that as much as
90% of huge predatory fish have disappeared on account that human started out
heavy fishing. Prince Charles has told
Sky News that overfishing is “madness” and we must manage our oceans
in order to avoid “total disaster”. Prince
Charles said: “What you need to do is organize the fishing in a way that
enables fish to survive in their ecosystems. (Bethany.M, 5 Oct 2017). Watch what
we eat. Going vegan is better for the surroundings, but the small steps should
be taken within the proper path via consuming fish and ingesting neighborhood
as a good deal as feasible. Hence, pick out sea-friendly souvenirs like steer
clean of jewelry, mementoes, and products crafted from marine animals or animal
components, which includes shells and especially coral. Be an ocean-friendly
pet owner. Read pet food labels
and consider seafood sustainability while deciding on a food regimen for the
pet. In no way flush cat muddle, that could contain pathogens harmful to marine
lifestyles. Keep away from stocking the aquarium with wild-caught saltwater
fish, and in no way release any aquarium fish into the sea or other bodies of
water, a practice which can introduce non-local species harmful to the existing
environment. (National Geographic, 2010). In conclusion, be a fish friendly
person by watch what we eat, pick out sea-friendly souvenirs and be an ocean-friendly
pet owner.

oceans are not a mere source of meals, they may be an vital part of the global
ecosystem upon which we all rely for our survival. The health of the oceans is
our own health, and challenge for the future of the oceans is concern for our
own destiny.


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