2. Reusing Waste:

It is the practice of reusing materials in their original form again and again after necessary repair and replacement. For example, a car or a truck tyre can be reused by retreading them, instead of just throwing them away as waste.

This practice can help us to reduce the amount of waste disposed of in the landfills. Actually the concept of reuse does not fit well in our modern lifestyle. Nowadays, the consumers feel pride in acquiring new items and discarding the old ones, which could still be used with minor repairs.

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We must understand that the resources must be used carefully, keeping in mind the ill effects of over-utilisation. Thus, we must help ourselves and others, and also delay the stage at which materials become waste.

3. Recycling Waste:

It is the process of breaking down of solid waste into its component materials and using those materials to remake the same product or some new product. Almost half of the contents of our dustbins can be easily recycled. Most of the non-biodegradable solid wastes, such as metals, paper, glass, plastic, etc. can be recycled.

Some common solid wastes which have been recycled profitability or can be recycled easily are the valuable materials or materials that are costlier if produced from fresh raw materials. Recycling reduces the demand for raw materials and also uses less energy.

Thus, recycling is a positive step which can reduce environmental pollution. It encourages us to think about the waste we create and take responsibility for what happens to it. The recycling process is not really complete until we buy the products that have been made from the recycled materials.

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