Need of Presto

Metrolinx’s key Regional
Transportation Plan has 10 particular methodologies to meet its objectives.
Methodology #6 is “Execute an Integrated Transit Fare System”. With
11 travel organizations in the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area (GTHA) and
Ottawa, each with their own charge structure, riders bridging the district
have, previously, needed to pay with different toll media for a solitary trek.

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That is the place PRESTO
comes in. PRESTO will likely be the favored means for consistent and effective
travel passage installment for the two riders and travel organizations over the
GTHA and Ottawa.

PRESTO offers clients
more prominent accommodation, reserve funds, security, and upgraded benefit,
and is a center part of the Regional Transportation Plan.

PRESTO is equivalent to
coordinated toll frameworks in real travel systems, for example, the London
Oyster Card and the Hong Kong Octopus Card, and is reliable with the GTHA’s
position as one of North America’s most crowded and vital monetary centers and
Toronto’s developing global nearness.

PRESTO enables clients to
utilize a solitary, consistent, coordinated admission installment strategy
crosswise over partaking travel frameworks in the area, including transport,
streetcar, prepare and tram courses. This innovation can be embraced by an
assortment of city travel organizations in the case of serving extensive city
populaces, moderate sized urban focuses or blossoming rural groups.

Today, PRESTO is utilized
as an admission card to make it less demanding for suburbanites to pay their
charge with the straightforward tap of a card while going inside and between
taking an interest travel framework.

Later on, PRESTO will be
conveyed through extra gadgets (other than the well-known green card, for
example, contactless credit and check cards, offering clients much more
comfort, adaptability and personalization.

Your PRESTO card replaces
the requirement for paper tickets, tokens, passes and money

An enrolled PRESTO card
guarantees yours adjust is secured if your card is ever lost, stolen, or should
be substituted for any reason

PRESTO enables you to flawlessly exchange
crosswise over taking an interest travel framework

Your PRESTO card is reloadable and

Set up, stack and deal with your PRESTO
record online without standing in line

Set up programmed PRESTO card reloads when
your adjust dips under a predefined dollar sum

More rides for your dollars

In the case of riding once or routinely,
PRESTO dependably figures the most minimal admission

Some of PRESTO’s travel
offices offer faithfulness rebate programs, so the more you ride the more you
can spare, and some even offer lessened or no-cost passages when you utilize
your PRESTO card on more than one travel organization inside a specific

With PRESTO you have
finish adaptability to pay as you go or stack week after week or month to month

Download a Transit Usage
Report to help with influencing a claim for the government open travel to
charge credit

PRESTO will, inside the
following couple of years, be the favored means for helpful, consistent and
effective travel toll installment for the two riders and travel organizations.

As of now, more than 2.5
million clients are utilizing PRESTO cards to tap on to Brampton Transit,
Burlington Transit, Durham Region Transit, GO Transit, HSR in Hamilton, MiWay
in Mississauga, Oakville Transit, OC Transport in Ottawa, UP Express, York
Region Transit, and TTC.

How to use presto

Stage 1: Load

Once you’ve gotten your
PRESTO card, you can stack supports and travel passes onto the card. On the off
chance that your card was acquired on the web, it should be initiated before
you can stack reserves. You can enact your card and loads stores on the web,
face to face at our Customer Service Outlets, or by telephone at

Stage 2: Tap

After assets or a travel
pass have been added to the card, you’re prepared to ride. Tap your card on a
PRESTO gadget toward the start of your excursion to pay for your travel ride.

Stage 3: Manage

Access your My PRESTO
Account to see your card action, include finances and travel passes and deal
with your profile. You can even set up extraordinary highlights like Autoload
and Auto renew, which naturally add finances and travel goes to your card every


Set a Child, Student, or
Senior Fare Type

You can visit any
Customer Service Outlet to set particular toll composes to your PRESTO card.
See the toll compose qualification for particular admission writes that can be
added to your PRESTO card. Visit your nearby travel organization’s site for
particular charge data. Continuously convey your evidence of qualification when

Passage Type Eligibility

Youngster                                           6-12
years old (comprehensive)

of age required

years old (comprehensive) selected as a full-time secondary school understudy

ID with date of birth required

of enlistment (understudy card) required

Post-auxiliary understudy
                  Accessible for MiWay and
GO Transit as it were

as a full-time understudy

of enlistment (understudy card) required

Grown-up                                            Default

rebate gave

Senior                                                  65
years old or more seasoned

ID with date of birth required

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