The language used in the workplace by the employees was all sophisticated and they would use all these fancy job-related words, which I hadn’t heard before (jargon). Every time I spoke I wouldn’t flash off with my words, I would just use the basic, crude style of language. At times they would use the sort of language we use in school, very abusive, and unpleasant at times. Their manner is concentrated in the negative column, as I thought of them as remarkably rude. From time-to-time I would get these comments, which I ignored as they were unfriendly.

Such as “Why have you laid in your backside, get up you lazy piece of work”! This made me psyched up as others around me were doing the same, so why pick on me and not them. Another example is when I hurriedly made coffee, and because I never put in two sugars for one of the staffs, she had a go at me by saying “You imbecile, why did you put in only one sugar”? I was like yeah, yeah do your own, obviously I didn’t say that to her face, but that was how I felt towards her comment.

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The specific place where I was working at haphazard; as I was squashed between other people, which made it rather cramped in, while others being workmanlike. The atmosphere around me was exceedingly chaotic, even though they had a vast space to work in. every time I glared at other members of staff I felt quite jealous that they were complaining with about not having enough room to work with, I mean take a look where I worked – it was very compact.

I was quite fortunate with my little room of space, as I didn’t have that much work like others; this is because my files were immaculate and others were impressed with my ordering of files and I could sense envy running through their body because their files were spacious, all around the room. Due to this factor, I looked forward coming to work. Also, I acknowledged the fact that others felt a sense of fear, aggravation and tedium when they came to work. So I enjoyed the increasingly familiar workplace loom into view, while others regretted it.

During the experience I faced many problems and challenges which I had to overcome to and solve. For example I had to take some calls in the time that I was in the call centre, the first customer was calm and wanted a small enquiry and I put him through to the people he needed, the next few were more challenging than I had expected, one was very angry and began to use inappropriate language and as I was taught I have a right not to be spoken to in that way and had to warn him that I will have to leave the conversation if he continued in the manner that he was talking to me.

However it wasn’t as easy as that since I was very nervous and could feel my nerves getting to me. I managed to overcome these nerves and talk to the irate customer and deal with him appropriately. I will conclude by saying that I had a most fascinating and informative week, I enjoyed every part of it as most of the tasks I comprehended them as challenging. I was made to feel extremely welcome by all of the members of the staff. I found the week very informative because I found out that it is definitely the sort of business I would like to do when I leave school/university.

By taking up this work, it had made me feel differently about my career plan as how crucial it really is before this work experience. When I look back at my work experience in about five years time I would like to think of it as “It was worth every penny”. Also how a great deal it was influential in playing a crucial part in my life when I reflect back! I walked to the train station feeling satisfied with myself. I arrived home feeling rather cheerful and surprisingly looking forward to school.

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