Netflix started its business with DVD sales and rentals. After one year of its establishment, Netflix shifted to DVD rentals by email business. In 2007, its business was expanded with the introduction of streaming media but it still kept the DVD and Blu-ray rental service. In 2010, the streaming became available in Canada and by January 2016, Netflix was available in over 190 countries. The Internet economy was growing exponentially in the last decade and has become a worldwide phenomenon on account for the globalization. Multinational companies and even domestic companies started to shift from bricks-and-mortar operation to e-commerce. As an online ecommerce megastore, Amazon’s market capitalization has grown to $413 billion currently from $17.11 billion as of Feb. 21, 2007, an increase of over 24 times. By 2016, Amazon had launched 13 countries. Despite of this, Amazon’s innovation within the past ten years significantly contributes to its success. In 2017  Amazonfresh Pickup was started. It allows shoppers to buy groceries online and orders can be ready in as little as 15 minutes after they are placed. Now this service is going into Canada along with its acquisition of Whole Food. Amazon will be able to use these stores for last mile delivery efficiencies and build a presents in a channel that is underdeveloped. In order to be more competitive, in March 2017, Walmart Canada brought grocery home delivery to the Greater Toronto Area. In August, it even cancelled the $2.97 CAD fee the retailer previously charged for online in-store pick-up orders to take on Amazon.  Along with the thrive of e-commerce, fewer and fewer consumers are shopping in stores and it poses a threat to companies with bricks-and-mortar operations. In Canada, In October 2017, Sears Canada’s request to liquidate all of its remaining assets was approved. Sears had been in business in Canada for more than sixty years and had been trying to restructure itself. The main reason of its recession is that while other retailers are adapting to the new trend,  Sears Canada instead sold off assets to pay off creditors. McDonald’s is quite successful in Canada as it builds trust and reputation with the help of social media. In the spring of 2012, McDonald’s Canada gave consumers a chance to ask the company anything about its food via Facebook and Twitter throughout a program called “Our Food. Your Questions.” The success accounts for its honesty and willingness to not dodge questions. Because of  internet’s international role, McDonald’s operations in other countries were also benefited from this campaign.The globalization has made the business competition more and more fierce since it allows more companies to become multinational. Companies are facing threats posed by both domestic and foreign competitor. It is unprecedentedly significant for business owners to take an eye on the international trend of their industries. Also, globalization makes it possible for consumers to purchase goods that are manufactured in other countries. Subsequently, e-commerce becomes a necessary part to companies’ success. Most importantly, consumers are able to hear the updated news worldwide with globalization, what multinational companies are doing in one country can impact on their reputation and sales in other countries.

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