Never Let Me Go tells the story of Kathy H and her best friends in a dystopian version of England in the 1990s. The book is split up into three parts and these parts align with the three stages in Kathy H’s life. Throughout the novel, Kathy drops hints about the donation program and the kinds of people in it (which she is a part of), but does not ever really fully explain what she and Tommy and Ruth are until the end of the novel.In part one, Kathy reminisces about her childhood at Hailsham and starts to describe her friendship with the other two important characters: Tommy and Ruth. Ruth and Kathy are opposites in attitude, where Ruth is loud and sometimes temperamental, Kathy is quiet and calm. Kathy remembers Ruth as being somewhat of a pretender, lying about special privileges the Guardians (teachers and parents combined) have given her. Kathy also describes Tommy as being an outcast initially due to his temper tantrums and lack of artistic ability. Kathy tries to calm Tommy down after a temper tantrum and they become friends. Tummy learns later how to control his temper when a guardian named Miss Lucy tells him that it is not vital for him to be creative. Throughout the first part of this book the donation program is hinted at, much like how Kathy describes how the students were taught about it at Hailsham. Miss Lucy is the only guardian that disagrees with this method of teaching and because of this, she is asked to leave. A mysterious person named Madame comes around every once and a while to collect the best artwork from the Hailsham students, though none of the students know what for. The students are curious about Madame because she seems to be afraid of them. Kathy is one day in her dorm listening and dancing to a cassette tape with the song “Never Let Me Go” and catches Madame staring at her and crying. After, Kathy’s tape goes missing. Ruth and Kathy have a bit of a rough patch but they mend it when Ruth puts in a lot of effort to look for Kathy’s tape and Ruth, Tommy, and Kathy all become closer. Part two begins when Ruth, Tommy, and Kathy leave Hailsham for an in-between living situation called the Cottages. Ruth decides that she wants to be friends with the “veteran” students there and often ignores or ridicules Kathy and Tommy. At the Cottages, the other people regard the Hailsham students with wonder and one couple asks a questions about something called deferrals. These deferrals are for couples, when they are truly in love, to differ from donations for three years to just live together. No one from Hailsham knows if this is true or not but Ruth lies and says that she might have heard it somewhere. Ruth’s mission to please gets her, Kathy, and Tommy invited to visit Norfolk with the couple Chrissie and Rodney. Rodney says that he saw Ruth’s “possible” in an office downtown. A possible is a human that resembles a clone and from whom the DNA might have been copied. This is the first time when the reader starts to pick up pieces that Ruth, Tommy, and Kathy might not be fully human. The group visits Norfolk and discovers that this “possible” is definitely not Ruth’s human and Ruth covers up her hurt by declaring that all students (clones) are just made from trash anyway. Ruth goes to meet up with a friend of Chrissie and Rodney and Kathy and Tommy go off in search of the tape Kathy lost all of those years ago at Hailsham. They find it in a secondhand store and Tommy and Kathy share a moment of true friendship when Tommy tells Kathy that he has been drawing again because he thinks that Madame’s gallery is used to determine if couples looking for a deferral are really in love. When Ruth returns and the group returns to the Cottages Kathy and Ruth’s relationship becomes strained due to Kathy’s obvious infatuation with Tommy, whom Ruth is dating. Ruth shuts Kathy down and Kathy immediately submits her application for care training and leaves the Cottages and Tommy and Ruth behind.Part three is the more recent part of Kathy’s life. This part focuses on Kathy’s time as a carer and helps to clear up all of the confusion about what the students (Tommy, Ruth, Kathy, etc) actually are. Kathy explains that the students at Hailsham and the Cottages were clones of humans. These clones are used to keep the humans alive longer and they spend their adult lives giving vital organs to humans until they die. Kathy hears from another carer that Ruth had a bad first donation and that Hailsham has closed. Due to this information, Kathy decides to become Ruth’s carer. At first, Kathy and Ruth’s relationship is iffy and they don’t trust each other. But when Ruth wants to go visit a boat out by where Tommy is a donor, their relationship grows stronger again. Ruth apologizes (very unlike her) to Tommy and Kathy about her attempts at keeping them apart and encourages them to visit Madame in order to seek a deferral. Ruth and Kathy’s relationship heals but Ruth tells Kathy to become Tommy’s carer as soon as she can. After Ruth completes (dies) after her second donation, Kathy becomes Tommy’s carer. They spend their time at his recovery center and eventually start to have a relationship. Tommy and Kathy follow Ruth’s advice and go visit Madame to seek out a deferral. Things do not go as planned. While they are talking to Madame, Miss Emily (headmistress at Hailsham) comes out. She explains that the deferrals are just rumor and also explains that Hailsham was part of a movement to raise clones like Kathy and Tommy more humanely. She then goes onto explain that the artwork was used to show the outside world that the clones have souls and that they are not just pieces. Hailsham had to close because of a changing public opinion on the matter and thus a scandal erupted. On the drive back from Madame’s, Tommy asks Kathy to pull over and he gets out of the car and begins screaming. Kathy and Tommy embrace. Tommy gives his fourth and final donation after and completes. The book ends with Kathy driving in a field in Norfolk and she allows herself to imagine a future with Tommy even though she knows he is dead. Kathy steels herself and drives away, ending the book.

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