Many Hong Kong people think that new immigrants to Hong Kong from China cause a lot of problems; however, the newcomers themselves may have their own difficulties. These problems, if not properly managed, will probably bring about more chaos to the society. This essay willfirst describe these problems in four aspects, i.e., language, job opportunities, education and social life. It will then go on to suggest some solutions to those problems.
The differences between mainland China education and Hong Kong education is an additional problem apart from the two problems mentioned above. New students from China need to pay a lot of efforts to in learning. In mainland China, most schools use Mandarin as the medium of instruction, but in Hong Kong, the teaching language is generally English, especially in senior forms. They have to study English wholeheartedly in order to catch up with other classmates whose English standard is well higher than them. They also have to make extra efforts on listening and speaking Cantonese so as to understand what teachers and classmates say during lessons. This can help them make friends in their leisure time.
Schools ought to provide trainings to teachers learning how to teach the newcomers from China Cantonese as well as let them know the Hong Kong syllabus of study. Extra lessons on English and English guidance team could help them learn English in a more concentrated way. Midway schools should be set up to let those new boys and girls enroll the intensive classes on English and Cantonese before going to schools to study.
This essay has discussed the challenges faced by the new immigrants to Hong Kong from China. Those problems refer not only to accustoming the new way of living, but also to learning the way to get along with others. The essay also proposes some suggestions to those problems to help them create a meaningful life in Hong Kong.

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