"New Russians" or new wealthy pigs?
They are the rulers of Russia.This bunch has no style.These are the "New Russians," or in another words mafia- a new breed that managed a social change that has shaken the country in the last five years.Media describes them as crooks that have money, no style, and a belief that life is good and getting better.
They have an easy life, while honest citizens work ten times harder just for a piece of bread.They have everything: the most expensive cars, houses in every big city, and the best-looking girls.
To me they are truly disgusting.They have no manners.The one thing in their mind is money."New Russians" expect to be respected wherever they go, and if they are not than your name will be on their "Pay back" list.
It is the easiest to tell a difference between a normal Russian person and a "new Russian"."New Russians" are these big, buffed, men with shaved heads, who either wear bright colored suits or all black leather outfits.Who constantly smoke either cigarettes or cigars while talking on the phone or with someone in person.
Their heads, when compared to their bodies are extremely small.It's like a new race that was discovered lately.All of them look alike.If you see one eating you will be disgusted.Their fingers would be covered with grease.They loudly chew, and talk with their mouths open; in another words they are worse than pigs.
Mafia steals money from government and people.People are scared of them.They always think that they are better than others.A ten-year-old kid is smarter than a "New Russian".They don't get money through thinking or working hard; they get money through cheating and killing innocent people.
If you ever run into a "New Russian" know that in the outside they might be strong and rich, but inside they are disgraceful breed a…

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