Liberia is a fascinating country located in western Africa, bordering the North Atlantic Ocean. The terrain is mostly flat land with a few low mountains in the northeast. The climate is very remarkable being tropical with dry winters and rainy summers. Liberia appealed as an interesting country to me, because of its relationship with America, diversity, and cultural richness.
Liberia is 6,000 miles away from America, but has a very similar flag the represent the search for its identity, and the Liberian sate. The flag has alternating red and white stripes with a blue square in the upper right hand corner with one white star. The history of the Liberia is very appealing. Free slaves from the United States settled this land of freedom in the 1800's. In addition, I chose this African state, due to its non-ending civil wars between the settlers and indigenous Africans. This is one of the main topics in African news.
There is a long history behind how the African slaves in America got to Nigeria. In 1816 slave owners form a group called American Colonization Society. Hey believed that the blacks should be repatriated to Africa. However the slave owners did this for their benefit of spreading Christianity and avoiding salve revolts. Thefirst voluntary Africans went to Liberia in 1822. Thefirst years were a very dramatic time for the new settlers. The new settlers suffered from malaria, yellow fever and attacks from the natives. I realized that there was a big relationship between the development of Liberia and the novel Things Fall Apart. The natives were unhappy about the new setters because they were trying to spread Christianity, however the freed slaves were so devoted to run their own country that they kept coming and gained control. Nevertheless the similarities didn't end yet. The settlers created churches and tried to bring their tradition culture to the country. Then they built school and began to educate the n…

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